Breast Cancer can be easily be detected by Philips

Breast Cancer

My mom is a breast cancer survivor and now she only has one breast remaining. However, try to think what the chances that she can have another are. Also with it got me aware that I should too take care and time to time check of any signs of breast cancer.

My mom would tell me that try to avoid my breast to be bumped hard or else this would be the start of having breast cancer. She told me that her breast cancer started when her breast was accidentally bumped at the doorknob while passing thru.

Our doorknobs here at home are just the right height so that the breast can be bump. So everytime I go thru the door I make sure to be away or if carry large items I go sideways to avoid the doorknob. In addition, I do taekwondo way back then. I was so very cautious being hit at the chest during our sparring.

IMAG5810Yes, this is one myth that oldies believe causes breast cancer.To avoid the worries in any woman Capitol Medical one of that offers MicroDose Mammography system from Philips. In some hospitals, having a  procedure is painful and one reason many women avoid being checked.


Because of the history that my mom had breast cancer, I was given a chance to thy Capitol Medical Center – MicroDose Mammography. I could say it is not bad and a few minutes we are done. It just took me two pose in every breast. Sorry I didn’t taken any photos during the procedure coz I was not allowed to move much.

When your family has a history of breast cancer, it is better to be tested early than to regret it in the future. The procedure will only take 5 minutes of your time and with MicroDose Mammography system of Philips is not that as painful as what would the others would say.