Crying “wolf!” for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale!

I started writing at the age of 2 and was more than in love with literature, with spreading the word, the truth and everything else that involved words. My room once looked like a children’s bookstore and I remember my mom and dad would always let me sit through Booksale and pick out anything I want!

When I heard about the Big Bad Wolf Book sale, the tiny me was screaming as I ran the whole PICC Complex like a child running around a toy store!

I took my time in the PICC Complex, indeed – I was trying to find books that both my parents like and a friend out of the voucher they gave to us, media.

The whole big complex was already too much and yet all the books seems like it still wouldn’t fit! I was trying to find a book about ocean life but I found something that was much more appealing to me: a book of historical events!

Everything is just here – Harry Potter spin-off books, children’s books, Bo Sanchez books, Bob Ong books, and so much more! My heart was filled with joy as I just know I can take as much as I can because out of the 1K voucher, I was able to get 4 books!

It’s pretty clear of how affordable the books here are – and we know that nothing beats the traditional feeding of the mind and that’s through paper.

I can’t express how big this place is for a book sale, just imagine a heaven full of books and books and books and books! Plenty enough to take a dive into a pile of them!

Although there are also food stalls in case you get hungry or thirsty from all the book-shopping which was really convenient!

Visit the Big Bad Wolf Booksale at the PICC Complex at Pasay, Manila and experience the book heaven yourself!

Hurry! Because this sale will only last until July 3, 2023!


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Writing since the age of 2 and have been fascinated with it ever since. Grateful for the undying support from my parents. I write because it’s a God-given gift to me; for everything, to God be the glory.