Japanese Food straight out of Anime serving at Nanbantei of Tokyo!

Have you ever drooled over anime food? Especially in Spirited Away or in Food Wars or any Anime you love?

You get me when I say that whenever we’re watching Anime, it’s hard to not drool over whatever the characters are eating – may it be a pork cutlet bowl, maki, udon noodles, tempura, chicken karaage, and plenty more.

However, we wouldn’t always have the budget to fly to Japan to just experience and taste authentic Japanese food. But how glad am I to have tried food in Nanbantei of Tokyo in Bonifacio High Street, which serves the best Japanese food ever and I immediately remembered all the food I wanted to try as I see them in the Anime I watch!

Beef Udon

I had a migraine and a headache when I attended the review for Nanbantei, and can I just say that this steaming bowl of Beef Udon cured it! After 2 cans of energy drinks, this is the only thing that healed my head!

The broth is so rich that reaches your head and makes you wanting for more especially with the accompanied toppings, meat, etc.! It’s so good for an appetizer as well especially if you’re acidic as I am.


My family and I just LOVE tempura, I grew up with it and that is why I know the different qualities of tempura. I can just say this is something I want to take home and let my parents try as it’s so crunchy, not-oily, and very filling! This is something to look forward to in Nanbantei.


I’m not a big fan of Maki but these rolls look so appetizing and flavorful! You know you just gotta have two rounds of these platters!

Chicken Karaage

If you’re a huge fan of fried chicken or chicken shots or popcorn, I just know you will love their chickn karaage! I was once never like Karaage but that’s when I never tried it yet, it’s life-changing!

Nanbantei serves both chicken skin karaage and chicken karaage itself

Meat Skewers

Oh! I just love the flavors infused in their skewers – it’s so different from the barbeque we have here in the Philippines, it’s something different that I can’t even explain alone with just words!

It’s tender, it’s meaty, it’s flavorful, it’s all that you want as a meat lover!


I saw the picture at the right in the menu and I never thought it was coffee jelly! After the fun food trip, we decided to top off our meals with ice cream and they’re so creamy and not too sweet! They have different flavors of ice cream to choose from too!

Where to Find?

There are plenty more food to try in this restaurant and I must say that the ambience is just as good as you’re in Tokyo!

Visit them at Bonifacio High Street 7th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila!
Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/NanbanteiPhilippines/


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