Krissy Debut Album “Songs About You”

After 5 years, 2 albums, and millions of YouTube hits – Krissy Villongco of Krissy & Ericka spreads her wings, opens her heart, and bares her soul in her first solo album, “Songs About You”.


The massive success of “12:51” has catapulted their sister act to the top of the charts. With the overwhelming response of the fans to Krissy’s songs about her own experiences, it’s about time she shared these emotions as a solo singer-songwriter. “Now that I’ve grown a little older, I wanted to do something for myself and express my artistry as my own being,” MCA Music has seen her grow as an artist and put full trust in her to produce an all-original album.



“Songs About You” isn’t just a compilation of songs, but collection of pages in her diary, “Most of these songs are the words I never got to tell the people in my past relationships.” Uninhibited, honest, raw – each track features different emotions that anyone who’s ever been in love can definitely relate to. Plus, Krissy’s smooth voice compliments her songs so well that it will make you tear up but feel good afterwards. This new record hopefully will have listeners, just like the acronym of the album, S-A-Y whatever they want.


There is a variety of songs for anyone to enjoy. The carrier single “We Can’t Be” is light but heartbreaking; reminiscing about the past and hoping things were different then. The only happy song in the album, “Weekend With You,” describes a romantic hangout with a special person on a rainy day. Other tracks “Piece of You”, “Distance”, “The Game”, “Don’t Forget About Me”, and “Gone Away” are various stories of love, loss, and “what ifs”.