John Lloyd into Magic Moments


John Lloyd is back to bring happiness by Magic Moments. As John Lloyd in his 4th year with Jack n’ Jill with Magic Flakes.

Brand Ambassador John Lloyd Cruz will be traveling to different parts of Philippines and will be sharing that Magic Moments. Chosen winners will either will receive gifts or better prize package like a vacation package that last year winner Jenevie Verances got.




During the launch, media people were given a chance to try out the Magic Fair that various games that customers of Magic Crackers can try during the #MagicMoment campaign.


Another highlight of the program is media volunteers are asked to reeact the new commercial with that kilig moment that John Lloyd Cruz will surprising will arrive in the scene.





Check out the Magic Man’s adventures on the official Magic Cracker YouTube channel and the Magic Facebook page at while munching on your favorite Magic snacks.

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