Quezon Buffet newest restaurant at Fisher Mall

Just in time for the Christmas season Quezon Buffet had just opened its doors to serve that Filipino – Spanish dishes that both local and foreigners like. The Quezon Buffet is just located at the 2nd Floor of Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

Ambiance and Look



Upon the entrance of Quezon Buffet you will never miss noticing the painting of our Former President Manuel L. Quezon Presidential car. I would advice this is a good place to have your picture taken with your family or better yet solo.

The Quezon Buffet has designed their restaurant with that clean and simplistic design with the hint of Filipino and Spanish accents. Such accents that you can notice around the restaurant is the Spanish style windows. One thing that I notice the lighting that this restaurant has is kinda dim. For me it’s like the light for a room that is cozy that would make you sleep.

I was able to ask why the lights in the restaurant kinda dim and Chef Kalel explained that because they are not allowed to install much higher voltage lights due to Mall regulation.


Quezon Buffet seating capacity is 180 to 200 people and they have a function room for personal gatherings and meetings. They looking forward to accept baptism, weddings, anniversary and birthday celebration.

Going to Quezon Buffet by commute is easy coming from EDSA or Manila. The Fisher Mall is accessible both on commute and with car. There are lots of parking space knowing the location is at the Fisher Mall.



Food and Drinks

As mentioned earlier the restaurant cater both filipino-spanish dishes from Paella, Lechon Baka, Lechon Chili Belly, Bagnet, Lechon Manok Inasal, Bulalo Steak, Pork Binagoongan as one of served during the opening. They also have desserts like Braso De Mercedes, Leche Flan, Turon with Langka, Brownies and Avocado soft serve ice cream. As for drinks they have soda as their drinks.

My favorite from all the dishes is the Lechon Chili Belly and their sisig – bangus, chicken, and pork that we never serve at home. As for the other dishes I was not able to try every one of them because I was already full in just devouring the lechon and sisig.

As the complexity of the dishes I could say they are those Filipino – spanish dishes we known. This is when I asked Chef Kalel if in the future they will having unique dishes that will be only found at Quezon Buffet.

One thing for sure that they uses the freshest ingredients especially their seafood and fish. They get their seafood and fish straight from Fisher Mall supermarket that is known to provide the freshest seafood and fishes.

Staff and Service

During our visit the staff is kinda overwhelmed with having lots of guest present during the Quezon Buffet blessing. Just notice that the staff does not have any name plates so that you can call them personally. They only have numbers that is stitched to their shirt and I’m sure is this numbering corresponds to the position they have. They are very prompt in giving us water and clearing out our plates.

Quezon Buffet Rates

  • Php 368 – Weekday Lunch – Monday to Friday
  • Php 468 – Weekday Dinner – Monday to Thursday
  • Php 568 – Friday nights, weekends, and holidays


All prices are VAT inclusive and no service charge, Senior citizen discount will apply. No Sharing and No Leftovers. Children 4ft and below get 50% off. Babies and toddlers are free.

Overall Impression

We could say that this is one restaurant looking forward and see what they can offer our craving for that Filipino-Spanish dishes. Yes! We are capable to cook at home those dishes but here you can enjoy all the dishes your craving in just one place. I just not sure how often they plan to change the dishes they serve and what are the mainstays. We all know that Filipino have that sweet tooth hoping they plan to add more desserts to choose from and some sago’t gulaman or buko would be nice.










  1. That was quite informative, BUT please, please, please brush up on your English and grammar. I had a difficult time understanding what you were trying to say.

    • I apologize for that will do practice more on my grammar and English. That time I was still sick from the flu just went to the opening because we promised we will be coming. Appreciate your suggestion and we try our best to make it better.

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