MUNI Market Day v2.0 at Capitol Commons

MUNI Market Day v2.0

Growing a community of conscious consumers in Capitol Commons

Manila, Philippines – Can we make our dream of a happier, healthier, more sustainable Philippines a reality through community collaboration? This is what MUNI hopes to achieve through its projects and activities, particularly with the upcoming MUNI Market Day v2.0 on October 25 and November 8, 2014, 9AM-5PM at Capitol Commons. The 2-part event is a continuing effort to bring together a creative community, and create a culture of conscious consumption and mindful living – or being more socially and environmentally conscious of our lifestyle.


MUNI has been creating content and events, and growing its community organically since it was founded in November 2012, and finally ran the first MUNI Market Day on June 1, 2014 with 16 merchants selling pre-loved, locally handcrafted, or eco-friendly products.


This time around, MUNI will be showcasing over 40 merchants with this 2-part event series to cater to the increasing number of conscious consumers who want to live a little more meaningfully everyday, even through their daily decisions.


“We simply want to help make choosing better a way of life, for consumers and producers alike, and one way by which we believe we can achieve that is by presenting consumers with healthier, more sustainable alternatives, and also giving producers more access to market and the opportunity to share their stories to people who value them too,” shares Muni’s Chief Collaborator Jen Horn.


Healthier Food Options


Some of the market’s mindful merchants include vegetarian food options like Pipino Vegetarian, Kitchen Revolution, Edgy Veggy, beverage brands like Stanford & Shaw, KKK Coffee, Moonleaf Tea Shop, Joost2Boost and Tsaa Laya, and healthy or local snack choices like Nipa Foods, Take Root, Theo & Philo, and more.


“I really believe [in order] to be healthy, we really need to feed ourselves—to cook at home, and to prepare nourishing food. [And] I also believe that if you have health problems, or if you are experiencing certain diseases, you can reverse it or avoid it through food,” shares vegan chef Marie Gonzalez of Kitchen Revolution. “I try to use alternative ingredients such as coconut sugars instead of regular sugar, coconut milk instead of regular milk.”


Urban farmer Ryan Aguas of Bahay Kubo Organics also expressed the need to reconnect ourselves with the food that we grow for a happier, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. ”Because when we grow our own food we’re able to appreciate the things that we eat more, and more likely, we’ll be eating more vegetables,” says Aguas.


Community-Drive Social Enterprises


Other merchants also include community-driven social enterprises like GK Enchanted Farm, SOOC, Tupai Dumagat Sculptors, and Gugu, a brand of backpacks made out of saluyot woven at the foot of Mt. Mayon in Bicol.


“The situation of our weaving community partners keeps me going. We won’t stop until we have achieved our vision of ending social injustice and poverty in small cottage industries in the region, and impacting our country in a larger scale,” says Scud Dy of Gugu.


More than just a selling event, the main objective is to educate consumers, and also create a platform for healthy discourse between people of various fields so we can all come together to do what we do better. On top of merchant booths, there will be talks, forums and workshops on healthy food, urban farming, upcycling, cause-driven entrepreneurship and other ways to “greenify” your lifestyle.


Muni is also engaging partners like and Ukulele Manila to bring in local indie music acts, alongside past collaborators Slow Hello and We Are Imaginary.


“The key to making this lifestyle more appealing to everyone is also by keeping it light and fun, and really accessible or approachable especially for those who are just beginning to explore how to live more sustainably,” shares Muni’s Chief Collaborator Jen Horn.


To make it even easier for guests to come join the event, and the movement, transport partner Uber will be providing attendees up to Php 500 off on their first ride on Uber through a special promo code for both Muni Market Days, which will be blasted via e-mail to Muni newsletter subscribers, and via Muni’s Facebook page (


Capitol Commons is a 10-hectare mixed-use property developed by Ortigas & Company. Capitol Commons will soon see the rise of Estancia, the high-end shopping mall and luxurious residential towers, The Royalton and The Imperium.


For more inquiries or possible collaborations, e-mail the Muni team at [email protected], or [email protected] for interested merchants. For more information visit