MMDA APEC enforcers helps motorist in need

We also feature good deeds here and there is still hope for our country. Shared by Mr. Buyoc his experience with his car during their way to BGC via C5 Pasig. Three MMDA APEC enforcers helped them and never left them until they got the car working.


Last Sept 25, 2015 (Friday) around 11:00am, Me and my wife are on the way to Bonifacio GLobal City when the engine of my car suddenly stopped at C5 Pasig. Three minutes after, an MMDA APEC mobile unit came and approched me. When I explained what happened they helped me checked the engine and they found out that theres a leak. A rubber part(sorry dont know the name) that blocks the water has been busted. That is the reason why the water has been drained. One MMDA even went to the nearest gasoline station to get a water while the two of them helped me check the engine of my car. Two tow trucks already came but these MMDA gentlemen insisted not to tow me and said to the towing personal that the water just need to be refilled. One of the mmda even said to me “Sir 4500 ang towing, dalhin na natin sa gasoline station at dun natin ayusin”. Feeling greatful of their act of kindness, we went to the nearest Gasoline Station. They even volunteered to buy the said part and when they came back, they helped me replace that part. They didnt leave me til my car works properly. I asked them how much would it cost, the parts and labor. But they said “Wala Sir, Ginagawa lang namin trahabo namin”. Wow! what a great people we have here. I insisted to give them something but they dont want to accept anything in return. I rushed in a mini mart any buy a snack for them. They are quite hesitant to accept it but I insisted. Maraming samat po Sir CERVANTES JQ, ALBIS DT, & SINGAYAN LC Jr. of MMDA APEC UNIT. SALUDO po ako sa inyo! You all need to be commended for what you’ve done for simple individuals like me. I hope and pray na marami pang maging katulad nyo! God bless you and your family.


We so happy to hear that there is still men on duty still doing their jobs. Just a few will encounter such good deeds on the road will stop and help you. We salute Sir CERVANTES JQ, ALBIS DT, & SINGAYAN LC Jr. of MMDA APEC UNIT. We very thankful that you had helped one motorist in need.


Sana po madami pa katulad nyo na handa tumulong.