Old Woman Driver being rude at the gas station

Here a viral video shared by Mr. Anthony Ramos of an old woman driver being rude at the gas station.

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September 28th, 2015 at around 11:30am this woman driver threw a huge tantrum at my taxi driver at the Caltex, BF Homes in Parañaque because she said she was in a private car and must be filled first even though we were in line waiting for an attendant for a few minutes before she arrived.

My taxi driver got in line to have gas pumped into the cab when she comes along after a few minutes. A gas attendant becomes available heads to my taxi because he knows we’ve been waiting for a while and the mentioned woman opened her window telling off the gas attendant that she should be loaded first because she was in a private car. After telling off the attendant, she turns to my driver and yells at him with an evil glare which obviously gets my driver a little agitated and said to her “Cge ikaw na” (okay you go ahead then). The gas attendant had no choice but to load the woman’s car first.

My taxi driver just told me that it’s okay and maybe she is some rich known person but I wouldn’t take it. We were in line first waited for 5 minutes and she decides to cut the line. No amount of money in your bank account should dictate your rights in the norms of society I told my driver.

I hate this sort of “rich” mentality hence I decided to ask her why she was being so rude and what gave her the right to cut in line based only on her driving a “private” car.

I wasn’t able to record the beginning of our conversation but I approached her and called her ma’am and told her that I didn’t think that what she did was fair and she started with her yelling and name calling.

Then the next 45 seconds of our conversation is shown in the video where she throws insults at me; Are you a man?!” She said. “I’m not rude! Are you gay?!” Funniest bit is when she says that she wants to spank me! (Kinky!) I responded of course shocked and asked her if she was my mom. And after a bit of yelling on her end I realized that she was just gonna continue with her stubborn mind and mouth so I decided to walk away. And before she drove off after getting her car pumped with gas, she decided to give everyone in the taxi a show of her pretty nail polish on her middle finger. I wonder if there was something wrong with her other fingers or maybe her nail on her middle finger was her favorite.

By far, the rudest and most discriminating person on the road I’ve ever come across. I hope you never meet someone like this ever. And if you’re pumping gas or even driving along the roads of Manila and see this Hyundai Tucson with the same license plate, drive away…quickly. Before you get spanked!




Update: The woman’s son contacted me and apparently went to the said gas station to investigate because according to him, his mom is a lovely lady and would never do that.

His mom obviously toned down the story a whole lot and told her son that she told the attendant, when ask who was first, “I don’t know” which obviously isn’t true at all. And God knows. 

The son says they are not rich and the woman is going through a lot with illness and is being supported by her kids. 

BUT it still is no excuse to treat people like how she did. I have agreed to remove the video from FB as long as she apologizes to my friend Marlon the taxi driver.

— Credits to Mr. Anthony Ramos




Here are some comments from our netizens (credits to our netizens)


  • Hyundai! Inday! Mayaman n ba yan! 3rd world ang car pati ugali 3rd world! Dapat dyan ipako ang gulo tapos dalhin sa Patayas para magulpi at pakaiin ng basura. Matanda na ngdrodroga pa ata dilat ang mata. Itatakwil ko n nanay ko yan!
  • Then she shouldn’t be driving on the road if she’s ill ( specially mentally). Tell his son that! Don’t put down the video. Some people need to learn some lessons.
  • I bet that lady should be the one to be questioned “Are u a Filipino?” Coz real rich Filipino shouldn’t be that rude. Where’s your manners Ma’am??! My middle finger salutes u as well though I don’t have nail polish, not yayamanin eh!?
  • Masse pusse cunt.. Get Life!! ur not even though driving a luxurious car excuse me…. Madam but ur still in a 3rd world country let me remind u, be shamefull about ur self of what u did.. if u want to show off might as well, dont do it in the Philippines becoz people will just laugh at u not impressive at all.. being in Queue must be observed by all customers even ur the Queen of the World I dont care… just follow the basic and simple instructions provided in public places..
  • Mr.Tolentina at HPG ano doat gawin sa mga ganitong tau sa lansangan. We dont care if she’s having a bad day the point is that her actions is descriminating a hard working taxi driver to provide to his family! You should investigate and justice must be served. I am hoping that Mr.Tolentino or the HPG can resolve this issue.. Just saying thank you!
  • May behavior problem si manang. Dapat yata pakonsulta sa psychiatrist. Manang…hindi lahat ng bagay e nabibili ng pera. Umayos ka..wag kang tumanda ng paurong! ????
  • I agree “No amount of money in your bank account should dictate your rights in the norms of society” ..


What we can say?

No amount of money can buy manners. As all drivers should know that first come first serve especially when you gas up. Regardless the first one is a tricycle or just a motor bike they are all consumer and have the rights to served. Is there a country that because you’re a private car your are privileged to be first served?

Hope that this old woman driver get her manners together and show some respect especially to the taxi driver. Better get a cctv footage of the incident and show if you’re the one first in line madam. Then we all say you have all the rights to be first to be served.



Fellow netizens what can you say about this issue? Hope you can comment below and lets talk.




  1. Plate no: nqi859/ Make: hyundai/ Model: tucson crdi su/ Year: 2009/ Color: ebony black/ Registered last 03/17/2015.. anyone can get and post the fullname of this rude one? We’d appreciate that. Thanks!

    • Thank you for commenting. Seems that the person who posted about the the video already deleted everything including the video. One way to check the identity of the vehicle owner is to text lto.

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