Enfagrow Snap a Milestone Photo Contest

Life is a compilation of moments. It’s an album of snapshots from instances worth remembering. For some parents, their life’s photo book is dominated by their children reaching their milestones. Thanks to technological advancements, parents now have the ability to capture these fleeting manifestations of their kids growing up. They proudly share their kid’s collection of firsts – from their first solo bike ride to their first declamation contest – to their relatives, friends, and other parents.

Enfalearn Philippines provides parents the chance to showcase their child’s everyday milestones through the Snap A Milestone photo contest! A milestone should feature any of the brain’s four critical skill areas – intellectual, motor, emotional, communication. (Examples: first math problem solved, playing the first violin piece, first encounter with a pet rabbit, first poem recited)

The promo will run from October 9 to November 15, 2014 and is open to parents or guardians (Philippine residents) of kids aged 37 months to 10 years old as of the submission period of this contest. They may join through these 4 easy steps:

How To Join

1. Register. Complete the registration form and click the SUBMIT  button. *only open to parents or legal guardians of kids aged 37 months to 10 years old
2. Upload a photo. Upload a photo of your child showing the milestone. A milestone should feature any of the brain's four critical skill areas.
3. Write<br /><br />
a caption. Photo must be supported by a caption (in English, max of 90 characters).
4.  Submit and Wait for Approval. All entries will be validated within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email.
Be one of the 10 winners
1 of 4 Panel’s Pick WinnersPhp 25,000 worth of Toy Kingdom
or Toys “R” Us gift certificates each
1 of 6 People’s Choice winnersPhp 15,000 worth of Toy Kingdom
or Toys “R” Us gift certificates each

Interested participants may visit the Enfalearn Philippines Facebook page for more details:

https://www.facebook.com/enfalearnph or https://apps.facebook.com/snapamilestone/

*on mobile, type https://apps.facebook.com/snapamilestone/ on the mobile browser


Submission Period: October 9 to November 9, 2014

Voting Period: November 10-15, 2014


Per DOH FDA CFRR Permit No.0334 s. 2014