Child Passenger Safety not practiced Honda UBO 637

I was on my way home from an event riding the shuttle service last February 10, 2014 passing along EDSA northbound. When I just notice this White Honda car with plate number UBO 637 there is a child sitting in front of the passenger seat with an adult. How cans this irresponsible driver allowed a child to be seated in front.

I was not able to get a clear shot coz the car is tinted and I am just using my cellphone to take the video. If you look closely at my video, you can see an image of small head almost level of the dashboard in front of the passenger side.


I hate seeing drivers and car owners do not practice child passenger safety. Yes! What are the chances of getting into an accident? The driver would say “I’m driving with caution so I it’s not possible something bad will happen”. However, we all know accidents can happen anytime and even your being careful.
If only I have the capabilities to apprehend such drivers like this surely I can apprehend more than 10. I have lots of video and photos taken while on the road using my dashcam and shots taken by my passenger in front. So better look out drivers you might be the next one to be featured here in our site.

I just hope that this car owner would think twice and practice proper child passenger safety. Be a responsible driver. If you can’t be one better not drive at all.