Mandaue Foam with MFLifestyle ambassadors Sam YG, Kelly Misa

Kelly Misa a

Mandaue Foam is one of the known brands who produce foam in the Philippines. Here in my area I am just near the Mandaue Foam Cainta Branch. Ever since they establish their branch here from time to time, we check out their products. My son has different taste or likes when it comes to pillows. So I tend to get our pillows from different providers and one of them is from Mandaue Foam.

For some people will think when you mention the word Mandaue Foam that only provides foams and mattresses. However, people do not know that Mandaue Foam also has a wide variety of furniture and fixtures for the home and office alike.

Mandaue Foam has come up with #MFLifestyle showing that a home is an extension of one’s personality. That any person can come up with his own style and everything can be seen and be provided by Mandaue Foam.

MFLifestyle Ambassadors like Sam YG, Saab Magalona, Phil Younghusband, Kelly Misa, Nicole Andersson and Mylene Dizon. From bachelor, newlywed, professional athlete, soon-to-be-mother, fashionista and single mom all of them found everything the style they need to decorate their home.

I love the bedroom setup of Phil Younghusband that is simple and relaxing. I been dreaming of having a bed like this and with a mattress can support my back. I experienced with other foams and mattress is when I wake up I would have backache every time. Also is seems that I didn’t have that good night sleep that is satisfying and fulfilling.


I like the style of Kelly Misa for her study or office style setup. A gamer, online media and that loves being online. I would definitely love to have a table like offers space, style and functionality. I can work well if I had such setup in my house as Ms. Kelly Misa designed during the #MFLifestyle launch.


If I already the budget to make my dream office setup surely I will check out the Mandaue Foam Cainta here our area first. You where do you get your furniture’s or better yet your foam or mattress for your bed. Did you try Mandaue Foam?