California Raisins healthy snack for everyone

California Raisins

This days we too much commercialized with chips and snack that contain artificial flavorings and msg. With this snack compromise our health, diet and overall nutrition. With this day and age we should be more careful with what food we eat that would greatly affect our health. Some say the reason they tend to eat chips and junk food for snacks because they easy to open and already available. But they never knew that there are easy-to-prepare recipes that can be done in just minutes of your time.

P_20160606_184822One versatile ingredient you can use in making your healthy snack is California Raisins. California Raisins are naturally sweet and contain no added sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives. It’s cholesterol-free and a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals. As what Mr. Richard Lieu – Trade Promotions Director of Southeast Asia of the Raisins Admisnistrative Commitee.

So versatile California Raisins can be used in both on sweet and savory dishes

Facts about California Raisins

California Raisins come from all-natural fruit and contains no added sugar, preservatives and coloring. Raisins have a soft “chew” that mimic fat and richness and their skins are not easily damaged during cooking preparation, thereby retaining their space and integrity well.

Raisins are a source of potassium and other concentrated nutrient. Naturally low in sodium, raisins are also great addition to the day’s total intake of dietary fibre.


Reason using California Raisins

California Raisins are great way to contribute taste and add surprising flavour. They are sweet, savoury, tangy, appetising and tantalising and the wise choice of culinary, bakery and pastry professionals.

It enhance flavor, appearance or texture, adding the plump, sweet fruit to baked goods is always a wise choice.



They intensify the flavor and texture of your creations and are a natural fat or sugar replacer.

Besides adding natural color and acting as a binder, California Raisins also benefit baked products by lengthening their shelf life.

California Raisins maintain their structural integrity and hold up well during baking.


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