Star Movies movie marathon : Move-A-Thon

Star Movies Movie Marathon

This is the time of the year for the Star Movies movie marathon called Star Movies Move-A-Thon. Is the channel 7th movie marathon and the first time that viewers were allowed to compete in teams and out from the cinema.

Star Movies year after year they make their movie marathon exciting and challenging. They started with a straight-up movie marathon with unlimited food and drinks in 2010. With the other years they have a fitness theme with yoga challenges, a rigid boot camp theme, and a scare-a-thon than only one winner remained.

What is Star Movies Move-A-Thon?

This time Star Movies movie marathon moved out of the cinemas and onto the dance floor. It’s a movie marathon that required non-stop dancing the entire day while watching the best and most popular movie musical of all time. Star Movies and their partner sponsors provided contestants with food and beverages throughout the day.

Mechanics of Star Movies Move-A-Thon

P_20160627_135614The Five Teams members have to dance once the green light is on during the movie where is there’s music and movie characters dancing. Once the red light go on they can stop dancing and enjoy watching the movie. All team members must dance once the green light is on. Once one of the members not able to dance they are automatically eliminated from the contest.

They also had to go through various challenges in order to earn their bathroom breaks. There are also special prizes given during the contest. The last team dancing and watching will be declared winner of the Star Movies Move-A-Thon winning the grand prize of Php 200,000.

One of their group members got a special prize.
One of their group members got a special prize.

If you plan to join Star Movies Movie Marathon next year you better prepare both physical and mentally. Year after year Star Movies is coming up challenging themes that would test your determination to win. Of course who can forget to watch out for that popcorn monster that you need to watch at Star Movies Channel to qualify.


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