Whisper Fearless Fair nothing can stop us ladies

Yesterday Whisper celebrated Whisper Fearless Fair in where ladies should stand up and show the world that nothing can stop a woman reaching her dreams.

One common women face is once the have their monthly period that made them restricted and would rather do some things later when her period is gone.

Whisper is one of the brands that I use when I have my monthly period and it helped me continue the things I love. I was able to continue my taekwondo training even I have my period and it never failed me. It’s a matter of having that confidence in a product that made me choose Whisper as one of the brands for me.

Whisper encourages women to be part of the new breed of forward-thinking women who challenge the norm and show that nothing can hold them back. The notion that women should be shy or mahinhin no longer holds true. This was supported by Magic 89.9’s DJ Pat, MMA enthusiast and a seasoned traveler who was the host of the event, who confirmed that men today actually admire woman who are strong and fearless. With the rise of successful women leaders through the years, society not only supports, but even celebrates these women’s acts of fearlessness.

Whisper brand manager Jan Jizelle Ang said, “Whisper believes any young woman can achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Our pads take away a specific worry that could significantly hold her back from pursuing your goals – back leaks. Whisper Cottony Long frees her to confidently pursue her passions.”

Whisper Cottony Long is every young fearless woman’s best friend in her journey to be her fun, fearless self. It gives up to 100% no back leaks encouraging all the young women to stand up with confidence and take control of their lives.



Whisper Cottony Long provides both comfort, with its soft cottony cover, and superior protection because it’s 2 inches longer and has a wider back than regular pads for UP TO 100% NO BACK LEAKS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED enabling girls to fearlessly stand up with confidence and break the norm.

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