Steve Harvey admit mistake that Miss Philippines is the real Miss Universe 2015

Miss Philippines as Miss Universe 2015
Miss Philippines as Miss Universe 2015

Every year Filipino are always loyal supporters of our candidates when it comes to beauty pageants. But this time during the announcement and coronation of the new Miss Universe 2015 the host pageant Steve Harvey made an innocent mistake to announcing Miss Columbia as the new Miss Universe 2015 rather than Miss Philippines.

While the people was rejoicing for the winning of Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 suddenly Steve Harvey went back and interrupted everybody. He was mentioning he made a mistake that the 1st runner-up should be Miss Columbia and the declared Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines. Steve Harvey even showed the card where you can see the winners of said pageant.

You can see the reaction of Miss Philippines – Pia Wurtzbach while Steve is apologizing and explaining his honest mistake. As what Pia said to herself she don’t know if she needed to go in front because the coordinators is not giving her a signal to walk in front. But the other contestant including Miss USA all telling her to go in front. Pia reactions is so priceless that if I where in her shoes I would surely cry for joy.

Finally Miss Philippines is already in front of the stage it took them some time to coordinate and instruct the previous Miss Universe 2014 to come back in front again but this time to transfer the crown to Miss Philippines.

People from the supporter of Miss Columbia are booing while Miss Philippines supporter are all jumping for joy.

Steve also said that “Listen folks let me just take control of this. This is exactly what on the card. I would take responsibility for this, it was my mistake, it was on the card. Horrible mistake but the right thing I could show to you right here the 1st runner-up is Colombia. It is my mistake. Still a great night. Please don’t hold against the ladies, Please don’t! I feel so badly but still a great night. Thank you all.



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Our Opinion:

Let’s try to think and analyze that being a host for the most prestigious pageant would be nerve-racking. Host can get their tongue-tied just any person would. What matter most that Steve Harvey got to correct everything while the show is still live. Yes he can deny it at first and let the program end so to avoid being mobbed by the people. But he braved and face the people and the whole world that he made a mistake.

Also we notice that why the structure or design of this elimination card like this. They should make it standard if started on the left all should be on the left. Much better they should had used a larger font for the country to be declared Miss Universe. How hard it could be to enlarge and print a much bigger name of the Grand Winner.

Also if we going to base on the answers of the finalist, Miss Philippines has answered with substance. It doesn’t focused just for herself but for the whole people. That she made a point that it’s not just beauty needed to be crowned Miss Universe but also with a heart or I can say “compassion”.

Some people are saying  Miss Philippines should sue Steve Harvey but we think that because she has the heart to forgive and serve this experience as lesson that “Dream can come true”

Congratulation Pia Wurtzbach and we will waiting for your arrival back and celebrate.