Safeguard Derma Sense and Pure White Review

Safeguard Pure White and Derma Sense
Safeguard Pure White and Derma Sense

I always prioritize my family and always thinking what they need. I set aside any unnecessary wants. There are people are so in to buying stuff like cellphones, tablets, camera and consoles but they never think that they should prioritize is their health and for their family.

With concern with health I always see to my kids are using a trusted name in germ protection. One of the brands that I been using for a long time is Safeguard. As we, all know that not all skin is alike, even within your family. Therefore, like my kids, they all have their different like of brands and that is suited for them.
During my time, Safeguard is known for germ protection soaps. Now I was surprised to know that offer good for facial and body wash as well. Now my kids have the option to use either the body wash or the soap.

Safeguard Pure White and Derma Sense
Safeguard Pure White and Derma Sense

Safeguard has the Derma Sense and Pure White. Both of them have the body wash and the soap. My family was able to try the Safeguard body wash more than a month. I made it sure that we really used the product to see its long lasting effect not only for me but also for my kids.

Safeguard Derma Sense

IMAG0279Safeguard has to variant the Safeguard Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin and the Acne Prone Skin. I get to ask my eldest to try the Safeguard Derma Sense Acne Prone Skin and he will be writing all about it in his blog As for the Safeguard Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin was used by my youngest who has sensitive skin since birth.

I been buying this soap brand for my youngest and it is not that cheap. However, able to try this Safeguard Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin made me decide to switch. I just not yet know once my youngest has his summer skin outbreaks will Safeguard can handle his skin.
I also use this one from time to time to cleanse my face. What I like about this one is unscented and it does not have any alcohol or dyes that can cause irritation to my face.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash


This one is use my son Ken and he loves taking a bath every day. I always have the hard time convincing him to take a bath. Now he voluntary take his bath.

He told me that after playing outside he likes to take a bath because I told him not only he will be clean but also all the germs he got from outside will washed away. He told me he loves the smell and feel after taking a bath. Squeaky clean as he says.


Safeguard Pure White
200 ml bottle – Php 65
400 ml bottle – Php 120
Safeguard Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin
50 ml bottle – Php 119
100 ml bottle – Php 199
 All is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets.
Disclaimer: As I can attest that I personally and my kids tried this product not only for a short period. We tested and used it for more than a month not like the others. They usually test products once or twice. We value our product reviews and we are not selling you anything. We wanted you to know more about the product and what we can say about it. Remember, Not all skin is alike also not all products is compatible to everybody and may give different results. If you have any problems or comments about this product, I would appreciate a comment below. Thanks and hope you like our review.