Ready, Get Set, and Travel with MAPFRE Insurance

Great news for tourists and travelers! The Philippines has now been classified as low risk for COVID-19, the Department of Health recently announced. This means less hassle for those looking to get a fix of the outdoors, finally!

Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu. | Venus Nellas

With the recent decline in new cases, some tourist destinations have already loosened their travel requirements both in metropolitan areas and provinces. Just make sure to follow the minimum health and safety protocols and always observe social distancing.

But before you start looking for a cheap airplane ticket, here are some essentials you might be forgetting, including MAPFRE’s comprehensive travel insurance.

Power up!

Seriously, in this day and age, can you really go anywhere without your smartphone? Keep your device juiced up and ready for your next adventure with a power bank. Get one with at least 10,000mAh capacity and 18W or more of power delivery, perfect for modern phones that make use of quick charging. Don’t forget your cord as well!

Shield for your skin

No one wants to age faster than they should, so remember to pack your favorite sunscreen! Add in your favorite skincare essentials, like a facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. And whether your sunscreen has SPF 50 or 100, experts recommend applying 30 minutes before going out and reapplying every two hours for any extended outdoor activity. Check if yours has protection for both UVA and UVB rays! Better also if you get a water-resistant sunscreen if you’re going for a splash on the beach.

Protection better than cure

Although it’s unlikely you’ll be forgetting this anytime soon, it still bears reminding: Bring a face mask. Add in a couple of extras. While you’re at it, pack a sanitizer and an alcohol spray bottle. But just the small ones, you don’t want them to be confiscated at the airport. Take note, while you may be vaccinated already, people around you may not have gotten the jab yet.

OOTD plan

We know that all-too-familiar feeling of carrying over packed bags. Remember your regret with carrying a suit containing heaps of tops, dresses, and clothes that weren’t worn during the trip? So this time, be smart and plan your outfits!

Travel insurance

After nearly two years in a pandemic, we have all learned to take extra precautions. Don’t forget to do the same when traveling, and avail yourself of protection. MAPFRE has you covered with its domestic and international travel insurance. Its coverages include, but are not limited to, delayed departure, missed connecting flights, and aircraft hijacking. To help ease your worries, MAPFRE also provides travel assistance for medical and emergency expenses, as well as coverage for cancelled trips, and lost or delayed baggage.

For more details regarding MAPFRE’s comprehensive travel insurance, visit or follow it’s official Facebook page.