Piolo Pascual as brand ambassador of Essilor

Piolo Pascual for Essilor
Piolo Pascual for Essilor
Piolo Pascual for Essilor Campaign
Piolo Pascual for Essilor Campaign


Today, Essilor announced that Piolo Pascual will be their brand ambassador and heading the campaign for “Seeing the world better”.  A sportsman and a known health buff, Piolo believes prevention is the first step towards healthy vision. “Good eye health is a serious matter because it is essential to performing practically all our daily tasks. Without good vision, we can only do so much and this limitation can stand in the way of achieving our goals.”.


Piolo Pascual who will appear in Essilor’s latest TVC and educational materials. Essilor launched its latest infomercial featuring brand ambassador Piolo Pascual performing various activities – swimming, reading, driving – and how good vision helps him accomplish these tasks effectively. The newest TV ad will air on March 1, at primetime slots on select cable channels.

Seeing the World Better Campaign

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“Essilor’s ‘Seeing the World Better’ campaign is our company’s way of helping the world see better by raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision and address the alarming number of visual impairment cases in the country. We also hope that through this campaign, Filipinos will start paying more attention to their eyes so they can see the world in a clearer and brighter view,” Dr. Roleda added.




The campaign will drive three important messages:

Prevention: Essilor lenses help prevent age-related eye diseases,

Protection: It also helps provide everyday protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and harmful blue light

Correction: promote the initial purpose of Essilor which is to help correct eyesight.


Dr. Roleda cites the plethora of electronic devices that we are exposed to everyday, which emits harmful blue lights that damage the retina. “Repetitive exposure to blue light posts threat to our eyes. It may cause oxidative damage, and may be responsible for causing age-related macular degeneration, which can result to blindness.” Wearing protective lenses like Crizal Prevencia, she adds, can do a lot in preventing the detrimental effects of harmful blue light. Crizal Prevencia is the only clear lens that selectively filters harmful blue light from gadgets, LED and UV light while letting through the healthy blue light.



Ultraviolet (UV) rays, on the other hand, contribute to the development of cataracts. Wearing Crizal Forte UV lenses can protect our eyes from these harmful rays.

For those starting around age 40, our eyes can gradually lose the ability to focus on nearby objects; this is an unavoidable condition but it can be corrected, says Dr Roleda. “Essilor Varilux progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision. This means that instead of having just two different viewing zones (near and distant), like with bifocals, Varilux provides the most natural vision correction,” said Dr. Roleda.

I support Seeing the World Better

I know the importance of having to see clearly that is why last year I decided to get my two kids their new glasses. Their old one’s are all full of scratches and not already the correct grade of lenses. Because of the cost of the lenses and the frames for my two kids I was not able to get my own glasses. For me hearing them to see clearly is good for me. But they knew that I also need glasses that giving me difficulty especially in driving.

Yes, having corrective glasses will make a difference and as a single mom I always put my kids first before myself. Soon I will getting my own corrective glasses to make life more easier for me and so my kids would see I very serious in taking care of our eyesight.

Soon I plan to check my youngest eyesight also because he is also into gadgets, computer and tv. It’s just now that I learned there is a lenses for prevention like the Crizal Prevencia only clear lens that selectively filters harmful blue light from gadgets, LED and UV light.

As what they say Prevention, Prevention and Correction early on than to regret in the end.

Who is Essilor?

Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses. The success of the company, which is present in more than 100 countries, is the result of a strategy that has been driven by innovation for more than 160 years. It has been awarded by Forbes magazine as “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” for four consecutive years.

From design to manufacture, Essilor develops a wide range of lenses to protect and correct eyesight. Its mission is to enable everyone in the world to see well using lenses tailored to their needs. The company devotes 150 million euros a year on research and development to offer increasingly efficient products.

“Across the globe, 4 billion people need visual correction, and in the Philippines, over 20 million individuals need visual correction. As a leader, we feel it is our responsibility to do something to alleviate the situation and this is the reason we are doing this campaign,” said Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor general manager.

About Essilor

Founded in 1972, Essilor is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coatings and dispensary technologies. Premium eyeglass lenses from Essilor are the result of more than 150 years of advanced research, innovation and technology. A true leader in innovation, Essilor revolutionized the vision correction industry in 1959 with the invention of the world’s first progressive lens. The brand provides consumers and the eye care professionals with quality spectacle lenses, diagnostic tools, services and support in business.