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Homemakers here in the Philippines are so afraid in upgrading their kitchen appliances and would rather stick to the conventional cooking styles.

In home majority are still using open fire or better known as gas stoves. Gas and electric stoves heat only the part of the cookware that the heat touches. There is a high percentage of burning food because of uneven distribution of heat to the cookware.

Now Midea Kitchen appliances is already available here in the Philippines and affordable.

Midea Induction Cooker


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With Induction cookers heat are more evenly distrubuted to the cookware itself. The induction cookers have precise temperature control. It also produce less heat waste not like the gas stove we have. Heating water is much faster using the induction cooker than the gas stove.

The Midea induction cooker prepares food twice as fast compared to regular electrical stoves. In fact, it is equipped with double-coil technology that saves 37 percent on electrical consumption.


Midea Microwave

Leading Midea’s kitchen range is its all-new microwave ovens, which let people cook basic meals for as low as P1. These appliances save on electrical consumption, as it is twice as fast as a regular stove—making it friendlier to electricity bills.

According to Pengson, “People often have misconceptions about microwave ovens—claiming that they blow-up electricity bills. But it is all about the quality and efficiency of your appliances.”
He attested, “Actually, you can cook using the microwave. In fact, microwaves can prepare meals that are just as nutritious (or even more) as the ones we prepare the traditional way.”

Midea’s microwave ovens are perfect for quick and easy-to-cook recipes that do not compromise nutritional value. Trapaga described, “Using our microwaves, you can get 10 percent less fat on your meals compared to frying. At the same time, they can prepare basic meals in as quick as 90 seconds.”

Additionally, Midea microwaves also come with sleek silver-mirror finishes that can smarten the aesthetics of any kitchen.




Here a recipe that we tried using the Midea Microwave:

Microwave – Molten Chocolate Cake (2-3 cakes)

Settings: 50 heat/Cooking Time 1:10minutes

Cake Base

60g All Purpose Flour

45g Sugar, white

45g Cocoa Powder

1pc Egg

45ml Milk

30ml Canola Oil

15ml Melted Butter

60g Milk Chocolate balls, 3 pieces(20g each)

Pinch Salt


  • Sift your Flour, salt and Cocoa powder then ccombine in 1 bowl
  • Separate the yolk and whites of the egg. Whip the egg whites until soft peaks then cream the yolk with the sugar
  • Combine the milk, oil and butter then slowly add to the flour and cocoa mixture. Add in the egg yolk mix then fold in the whipped egg whites
  • Make sure all the ingredients are incorporated properly
  • In a buttered mug, scoop in 1 ½ Tablespoon of the cake base then put a ball of milk chocolate in the center then 1 more Tablespoon of the base to cover it.
  • Tap the mug on a surface gently to set the cake base properly
  • Bake in your Midea Microwave for 1:10minutes on a setting of 50
  • Cool down for 1-2 minutes and gently unmold into a plate or serve directly in the mug
  • You can top your molten cake with caramel, chocolate shavings, nuts etc.


 Midea Electric Kettle

Midea Electric Kettle




“With rising energy prices, electrical efficiency is a top priority of our kitchen line,” explained Trapaga.

Coffee and tea are breakfast staples for the Filipino. For this, Midea has a line of kettles, which save-up to 33 percent on power consumption, while heating twice as fast as regular kettles.



Midea Rice Cooker

Midea Rice Cooker



Another innovative product from the brand is its rice cooker. This product is equipped with smart sensors that automatically measure the ideal cooking time you need to get the perfect rice, no matter how much water you put.

Trapaga remarked, “As you know, Filipinos have an unbreakable affinity with rice. What makes our rice cooker special is that it makes the grains bigger—making your rice more delicious.”


Midea Multi-cooker






One of Midea’s most promising appliances is the multi-cooker, which has 19 functions, 12 cooking modes, and 7 auxiliary functions that give modern homemakers the flexibility they need to prepare meals.





Trapaga finished, “As the manager of a household, you should never compromise when it comes to cooking. Whether it be your schedule, health, or budget, you can get the best by having the right kitchen appliances to help you.”