MaxiLife’s remarkable first-year journey: safeguarding futures and providing financial security for Filipinos

MaxiLife, the visionary life insurance startup, commemorates its first-year anniversary of providing financial security to Filipinos. Over the past year, MaxiLife has achieved remarkable milestones and deserves recognition for the notable accomplishments attained in such a short period.

MaxiLife received its operating license from the Insurance Commission (IC) in July 2022. In a swift response, the company immediately assembled a team of key professionals and staff to spearhead its startup operations. In December 2022, the grand inauguration of the head office in the iconic BDO Equitable Tower, Makati City, marked a significant milestone for MaxiLife.

As 2023 unfolded, MaxiLife continued its upward trajectory. In January, the IC approved the first set of Group Life Insurance products offered by MaxiLife, enabling the company to provide this essential coverage to its corporate clients and group affiliates without delay. This approval solidified MaxiLife’s commitment to protecting businesses and their employees from unforeseen risks.

By March 2023, MaxiLife achieved an extraordinary feat by being accredited as a Great Place to Work® Certified company. This prestigious certification acknowledged MaxiLife’s outstanding employee satisfaction, progressive work culture, and exemplary HR practices, all accomplished within a year of its establishment. This recognition not only reaffirmed MaxiLife’s dedication to its employees’ well-being but also showcased the company’s commitment to providing the best possible service to its clients.

The crowning moment for MaxiLife came in July 2023 when it reached a significant milestone of reaching 350,000 insured lives. This remarkable accomplishment reflects the company’s exponential growth and success in serving corporate clients and safeguarding countless individuals and families against life’s uncertainties.

MaxiLife’s impressive strides within the insurance industry have solidified its position as a reputable and rapidly expanding insurance provider in the Philippines. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, MaxiLife is set to continue its successful journey and embark on a trajectory of expansion and advancement.

As MaxiLife looks ahead to the future, the company remains focused on its core mission of providing innovative life insurance solutions and ensuring a simplified journey for all its valued stakeholders. With a team of dedicated professionals and a clear vision, MaxiLife is poised to shape the future of life insurance in the Philippines, providing a foundation for continued success and prosperity.