German National road rage over Jollibee Parking

German National Georg Mayer detained over fight at Jollibee Parking at BF Paranque
German National Georg Mayer detained over fight at Jollibee Parking at BF Paranque

German National road rage over Jollibee Parking located at C. Avelino Street, Brgy. B.F. Homes, Paranaque City that transpired on about 2:15pm, February 14, 2017. The German National Georg Mayer is driving a Nissan Xtrail color Black with plate ZEP 994. People being threatened are JJ Handog and Ms. Ignacio driving a Suzuki Celerio.

Once viewing the dash cam video taken by Mr. JJ Handog you can see German National vehicle is trying to make his way so he can be the first one to park against the Suzuki Celerio being driven by JJ Handog.


Here Ms. Ignacio of the incident:

nasa right way naman kami.. kanang part ng daan kasi nag hahanap kami ng parking.. then ung xtrail sumingit sya sa gilid namin.. gusto nya mauna for the parking.. since di namin alam na gusto nya pala mag park.. we asked the parking attendant kung pwede dun.. kaya nag park kami.

Bigla nya na lang kami sinugod.

Ung kaliwa kasi, para sa car na kakaliwa.. ung iba kasi sinasabi na nasa gitna kami.. kaya inexplain ko na din
Ung lane namin is para sa kakanan..

Concerned witness Judge the lady wearing a pink dress is driving the red Honda in front of Suzuki Celerio helped confront the German National. You can see in the video the German National was trying to overtake the Honda vehicle then the Suzuki Celerio.



Judge reaction on this incident:

I just witnessed how this foreigner threatened the driver of this car over a parking concern. He is driving a Nissan Xtrail with plate #ZEP 994. I got off my car as He almost hit our car too. I was telling the driver of the Suzuki car not to get off the car as the foreigner was opening, banging the door of his car and threatening him. Then the foreigner turned to me. I introduced myself and called the police. All of a sudden He was responding in Spanish/foreign language? claiming he cannot speak English. When he realized that I wasn’t backing off, and after I introduced myself, He hurriedly left the vehicle, and escaped. I can’t just stand and watch abusive persons on the road, esp a foreign national bully another Filipino.

Am not backing off against these German nationals. The other guy said “I have the money, the connections. ”

My reply ” you may have the money and the connections, but you have absolutely no manners. You have no right to behave that way in my country.”



We have updates that the German National is detained and was filed with a complaint from the JJ Handog and Ms. Ignacio. We give you having some updates soon about this incident.


Our reaction on this issue that regardless you’re a foreigner or local as a driver you should adhere with the road courtesy and this also apply to government officials. We all share the road and as drivers we should know road courtesy. Following traffic rules won’t hurt you!!!

Update: February 20, 2017

Some woman from Goethe-Institut Philippines with phone number 840-5724 called us about this matter and demanding us to take down this article. We would appreciate if you introduced yourself properly with your whole name and relation to the German National. If your the owner of the vehicle of the German national driving as the owner you should know the consequence once your vehicle is involved to any accident or situation. If your german friend want to share his part of the story we welcome to share to our readers his side.

Sa babae na tumawag sa amin hindi naman kailangan threaten kami at pwede naman kami kausapin ng mahinahon. Kami ng babalita lang dito at wala naman kami ginawa false story. Kita naman sa video ang lahat. Kung yan kaibigan mo german may sarili nya version pwede naman namin bahagi ang kanyang story.


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