EastWest Bank car loan approved to fraud person

EastWest Bank Car loan Fruad

People dream of having nice stuff but this time it to way over. Reading such experience should be shared so that people and banks be cautious in making transactions.

East-West Bank car loan approved to a fraud person. How come this happened and this fraud person was able to get the car already from the dealer.

car fruad

EastWest Bank I got a letter and some documents indicating my monthly payment for a car loan that I never applied for. I never got any Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 MX from Union Motors Edsa. I have never made any transaction with your bank. No loans, no savings account, not even once I stepped inside one of your branches to make a simple deposit.
This is causing me a lot of stress, knowing how easy to get a car just by stealing a random person’s personal information. I am curious how your did your CI, granting a suspicious person a car loan only because he gave you a 188K down payment, leaving me to deal with a five-year loan.
If it was this letter only, i could have just dismissed it as a hoax. However it came with the chattel mortgage that I allegedly signed? The 8 signatures were made up by the criminal, not even bearing a slight semblance to my real signature.
To my friends here in FB, sh!t just got fuck!n real. I confirmed with the dealer someone released a car under my name. All those shit we see on the movies can really happen. Be vigilant especially when dishing out your credit card, I was too relaxed and this happened.
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 This is what Jom can say about it:

  • guys ingat kayo sa pag handle ng info. lalo na pag may credit card. wala na talaga pinipili yung kawatan. 2 yung suspect ko. yung total sa may pasay at yung unioil sa congressional ave ext. organized crime ito. sana lang wag nila gamitin yung auto sa masamang bagay kasi. sakin naka pangalan yun eh. kaya ko pinost agad sa FB baka pwedeng gawing evidence ito just in case masangkot sa gulo yung Lancer!
  • ok lang dre, sabado ng umaga ko natanggap. ang masaklap walang 24/7 na customer service si eastwest bank unlike kasy bpi. so bukas ko pa malalaman, update ko kayo. sana naman wag na akong pahirapan like gastos sa attorney etc.
  • yung kotse may theory ako: 1. chop-chop then resell parts 2. backup vehicle sa mga probinsya (alam na kasi election time) 3. gagamitin sa gangbang, bang bus, etc. hehehe. 4. gagamitin sa crime. (ito sana wag mangyari)sana yung number 3 nalang at least makatulong sa industriya ng porn.
  • guys salamat sa suporta. i just got off the phone with eastwest bank. they confirmed that the transaction was made and a car was released under my identity. they promised to dig deeper and investigate this matter. honestly, i just want to clear my name. but if i ever find out that eastwest’s bank incompetence tainted my records like my NBI, credit history and employment. i will sue them for damages.


What we can say:

I believe that banks should be strict especially in approving loans. Documents and Id’s are easy to reproduce and presented. Banks has CI and their role duty is to investigate thoroughly about the person applying for a loan.

This is also one reason I given up credit card because I don’t want to encounter a problem with fraud using my account and money. We all know credit cards are easily can be swiped almost anywhere and you just need to sign it. Like when you go to fill up your car with gas they will only swipe your card to get a credit approval and you just need to sign it. They have no way to verify if you’re the real holder of that credit card coz the gas boy has no way to check your picture, no other id presented, or other stuff.

Just so funny the EastWest Bank doesn’t have any 24/7 customer service hotline. Banks should have a 24/7 hotline for customers need of help or they want to report something in the middle of the night.

We hope Jom problem will be resolved soon and the fraud person or people be apprehended. As for people out there be cautious in using your plastics and always have a visual of your card. There is incident that credit cards are being duplicated and be used to purchase stuff.

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