Cindy Patrimonio and Marielle Mamaclay weight loss secrets

You always wanted to loose that extra weight but diet is ruining to reach your goal. We can’t achieve weight loss by exercise alone but should be matched with proper diet. We filipinos love to eat especially on special occasions or just a reward for doing something great.


Cindy Patrimonio

Cindy Patrimonio is best known as the wife of celebrity cager Alvin Patrimonio. Cindy problem started when she reached the age in where her metabolism slows down and find herself gaining weight. In a family that are into sports she decided that she need to get into shape not only for her family but for her health.

Being overweight for 16 years she had difficulty in lossing weight and also this is making her sluggish and depressed. Cindy has to cut back on her food intake but with the family who love eating would be difficult. With the help of LesoFat and LesoCarb she was able to achieve her goal in partner with exercise.

Cindy Patrimonio is very lucky with the support of her friends and family especially Alvin Patrimonio that would also accompany her now and then during her work out sessions.


Marielle Mamaclay’s Journey to Weight Loss

Marielle Maamaclay as a performer she has to be presentable to her audience. But Marielle having a heavy weight she had difficulty in moving dancing to her tunes and would end up losing self confidence.

Marielle would always get sick almost every month that would leave her to miss practice and even her performance. This is when she decided to start having a healthy diet and doing exercise. But with excersise alone would be difficult when during practice or performing they would offer her food and drinks. This is where LesoFat and LesoCarb in helping her to attain that lossing weight with the proper exercise.

Having cheat days are important in keeping up with weight loss struggles as it gives you the much needed balance. Both Cindy and Marielle credit their weight loss journey with the help of LesoFat and LesoCarb.

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