Celebrity moms Joyce Pring and Sophie Albert zero in on handwashing as added protection against COVID-19

Handwashing remains as one of the most effective precautions against COVID-19 alongside social distancing, wearing of face masks, and vaccination. With the emergence of COVID-19 variants, one thing remains constant – the safety protocols mandated by experts aimed at mreducing COVID-19 transmissions.

COVID-19 infections among children have been rising due to the emergence of new variants, which leads parents to think of more ways on how they could double-up their children’s protection against the virus. Even TV personalities and actresses such as Joyce Pring and Sophie Albert have been taking extra precaution especially since they have newborns.

TV personality and host Joyce Pring conducted an experiment in her vlog showcasing how Safeguard effectively removes germs from hands through a germ simulation experiment. Using Glo Germ gel and UV light, this experiment aimed to demonstrate the stickiness of germs and why proper hand hygiene is crucial in protecting you from illness-causing germs and bacteria.

Using Safeguard Pure White Foaming Hand Soap and following the recommended steps and duration of proper handwashing, the blacklight displayed successful removal of all the germs in Joyce’s hands. Joyce also had a chat with P&G’s Principal Scientist for Asia, Middle East, and Africa, David Khoo, on the importance of proper handwashing in protecting oneself from germs and bacteria.

Some of the key points discussed were the correct way of washing hands, the 7 steps of proper handwashing, and the truth behind Safeguard’s 99.9% germ protection claim. When asked if Safeguard’s claim that it can remove 99.9% was true, Dr. Kho explained “we wouldn’t put a claim like that without testing, we’re obsessed with testing. The way we do it is we apply a certain amount of test germ on a person’s hand or on a sample of artificial skin and then we remove or wash it with a safeguard soap and then we test the germs that remain after that.”

Safeguard does not only protect against 99.9% of germs and bacteria, but it also keeps the skin healthy despite frequent handwashing. In a separate vlog, actress and TV personality Sophie Albert did an experiment testing Safeguard’s and other handwashing brand’s pH levels. It revealed that Safeguard’s Pure White Liquid Hand Soap is pH balanced, while the other brand went beyond the range of ideal pH level. Unbalanced hand soaps have the tendency of disrupting the skin’s protective barrier, leaving it dried and irritated. This is especially dangerous for children given that they have more delicate and sensitive skin.

COVID-19 transmissions have been steadily increasing the past few weeks. Now more than ever, everyone must strictly adhere to standard health protocols such as social distancing, wearing of face masks, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and handwashing to protect oneself from the virus. It is equally important to choose a tried and tested brand to wash your hands with in order to ensure that hands are protected from illness causing germs and bacteria, while maintaining a healthy skin barrier despite frequent handwashing. PAMET-recommended Safeguard has Infinishield technology where it inhibits reproduction of germs and bacteria and protects in between washes leaving behind particles that act as a protective shield against germs and bacteria. Safeguard’s innovations in germ protection keeps them the country’s most trusted brand in germ protection for over 55 years, making the brand a household name.

Keep your hands free from illness causing germs and bacteria while keeping it healthy and moisturized by shopping your Safeguard essentials in leading supermarkets, drugstores, Shopee, or Lazada.