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Asus ZenPower

Almost everybody has gadgets from smartphones to tablets and all of them needed to be charged from long usage. But what if your outside and there is no way you can charge your smart device directly to a wall socket. This is where Asus Zenpower comes in to save the day for you.

There are lots of powerbanks in the market but a few only can pass the expectation and can deliver charging fast. We have several power banks at hand but only few can charge our smart devices in its full capacity as what advertised. They will say their powerbank is 20000 mAh or more but when it comes to charging it can only fully charge once.

Why is such powerbank can’t deliver as advertised? Because they not using authentic and reliable rechargable batteries to back up their claims.

ASUS ZenPower’s power-packed 10050mAh battery is perfect for fully charging any smart device. It weights just 215g and is no bigger than a credit card.

Unboxing the Asus ZenPower

Design and Color

With its Premium Zen design and light weight aluminum outer casing for beauty & strength. It’s ergonomic feel and a smooth, premium finish gives it a look of luxury. The ZenPower is designed with anodized Aluminum casing to create a device you’ll want to show off. Choose from a range of colors and cases from blue, pink, gold, silver.

Extra Protection

If you worry and wanted your ZenPower to be protected there’s ZenPower Bumper that adds an extra layer of protection and also adds vibrant color to your Zen Power. The ZenPower bumper is soft, impact resistant and give your ZenPower the scratch protection as well.


Asus Safety


Quickly put life back into all your smart devices with ASUS ZenPower. It offers high-speed, high-efficiency charging with up to 2.4A output.

asus zenpower

Multiple Charges

ASUS ZenPower supports smart devices from all brands. It’s large capacity meets your device’s power charging demand. The following table illustrates the capacity performance of ASUS ZenPower per different phone / tablet battery capacities.

Smart Phone Battery Capacity Charge times
1500mA > 4 times
2000mA > 3 times
2500mA > 2.5 times
3000mA > 2 times
Tablet Battery Charge times
4000mA > 1.5 times
4500mA > 1.2 times
5000mA > 1.1 times


We tried and tested the Asus ZenPower and it really charges our smart devices multiple times not like the other brands in the market. Charging time of the ZenPower will take about 6 to 8 hours. Not only that the Asus Zenpower is only Php 795 and you can buy it online store of


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