XTREME Home Makeover by XTREME Appliances, in partnership with vivo and Shopee

The pandemic has normalized the work-from-home setup among Filipinos — people had to adapt to the new normal world wherein virtual meetings and remote work is the new way of working and productivity. In fact, in the past months, a huge number of Filipino employees have permanently transformed a part of their home into a working space.

In creating one’s workstation at home, it is very important to invest in quality home appliances that can make remote work setup more comfortable and bearable. XTREME Appliances, the country’s leading one-stop shop appliance brand, offers a wide range of products that are perfect for the work-from-home landscape.

XTREME Holiday Makeover (Home Office Edition)

In line with Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, XTREME Appliances, in partnership with vivo, launches XTREME Home Makeover (Home Office Edition). XTREME Appliances strengthens its standing in the e-commerce market with an over 150% increase in 2021 Shopee sales compared to last year’s sales from May-October 2020. Before the year ends, XTREME Appliances wants to give back to its loyal Shopee customers through a campaign that aims to highlight the effort of Filipino employees who are striving to make their work-from-home scenario to maximum productivity in this time of the global pandemic.

vivo in partnership with XTREME Holiday Makeover 

Our next reality demands a powerful device to level up how we capture our extraordinary moments and achievements while adjusting to the new normal and at the same time finding joy and safety in the comfort of our homes.

So if you’re thinking of getting an appliance or a smartphone, now’s the perfect time as XTREME and vivo will make you wanna rush for amazing deals and treats to kick-off the holiday season. For those waiting to get their hands on vivo’s newest release but are holding out for a deal, the time is now as vivo is offering a Shopee 11.11 exclusive P500 OFF for Y33s and P1000 OFF voucher for X70.

Here’s what you need to know to enter in three easy steps!

Step 1: Visit the official flagship store of XTREME Appliances on Shopee.

Step 2: Participants must buy any product of XTREME Appliances from November 11, 2021 (12:00 AM) until November 30, 2021 (11:59 PM) on the said platform.

(Note that no minimum spend is required. 1 product purchase is equivalent to 1 raffle entry. The more entries, the more chances of winning!)

Step 3: Participants must make sure that the order is successful. Cancelled and unpaid orders won’t be eligible.

The XTREME Appliances team will extract all successful orders made on the said promo duration from Shopee’s seller center on December 15, 2021. The order number of the customers will be put on random.org to draw the winners privately with the presence of a DTI presentative.

Exciting prizes for the 3 Lucky Winners

Consolation Prizes

If you didn’t snatch the grand prize, you will still walk home with some of our best-selling products. One of the lucky winners will be endowed with a 50cm XTREME Home Gas Range.

Meanwhile, the other winner will receive a 10L XTREME Home Portable Air Cooler.


The Grand Winner will be blessed with the jaw-dropping prize among all! An Appliance Package for Home Office from XTREME Appliances will enhance the workplace with its premium products — 32” XTREME LED TV, 1.0HP X-Series Split Type Aircon, 20L XTREME Home Manual Microwave Oven, XTREME Home Coffee Machine, and XTREME Home Personal Blender. These reliable appliances bring normalcy and productivity into a professional situation.

And if you think that’s it, of course not! In partnership with vivo, the grand winner will also receive vivo’s latest flagship phone —a vivo X70 5G!

It is described as #TheNextImageryMaster. It is equipped with ZEISS T* Coating which reduces stray lights for true colors whether it’s day or night. It also has the ZEISS Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera that provides xtreme (yes, pun intended) night vision to produce crystal-clear shots. The phone also has a pro-cinematic mode for you video nerds out there!

If you’re wondering about the price of the phone, since it’s a vivo flagship, it’s valued in the market for P34,999. #vivoX70 #vivoxZEISS

Announcement of the 3 Lucky Winners — How to claim

If you are one of the three lucky winners, here’s what you need to know after confirming that you indeed won. XTREME Appliances team will reach out to the winners via phone call or private message on the Shopee platform.  The announcement will also be made on the official FB Page of the brand, so be sure to like and follow the page to be updated. All of these look so exciting! Get up and be a part of XTREME Holiday Makeover (Home Office Edition)!

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