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Looking for that stylish, comfortable, functional and value for your money headphones? There are lots of headphones brand in the market but did you ever tried Urbanista headphones?

What is Urbanista?

Urbanist is fast coming to the market that provides fashionable and affordable accessories for your smartphone, consumer electronics for lifestyle and retail. You can also use their products for iPad, iPhone and iPod products.

Urbanista products

All Urbanista earphones and  headphones models have its unique functionality that would fit any person. It delivers great sound with an affordable price.

Here are the Urbanista products that is offered here in the Philippines
• Boston
• San Francisco
• Sydney
• Rio
• Oslo
• Miami
• London3
• Ibiza
• Copenhagen

During the product launch with media friends Mr. Glenn Batchelor, the Key Account Manager of Urbanista gave us the run down about Urbanista product line.

He discussed first is the San Francisco with is Ergonomic design and hands-free mic with the retail price of Php 1,149.

Oslo for the simplicity seekers with the retail price of Php 999.

Rio is well suited for the urban athletes with its characteristics of being water-resistant (IPXS), light construction and GoFit silicon wing for secure fit with the retail price of Php 2,249.

Boston like the Rio the only difference is its wireless Bluetooth connection for retail price of Php 3,599.

Sao Paolo a sports armband made of comfortable, hand-washable and water- resistant material that allows your skin to breathe. The adjustable Velcro strap provides superior fit without adding extra bulk and it securely stores and manages your earphone cord. Use the handy pouch on the inside to keep your home, car or locker key. You have full navigational control through the clear protective window cover. To get the most out of your training we recommend the extra comfortable sport earphones Rio equipped with GoFit silicone wing technology.

São Paulo is compatible with a range of smartphones from iPhone 4 up to Samsung Galaxy S5 sized models. Retail price of Php 999.

Ibiza with having a heavy bass with uncompromising clarity. Like the other headphones, it also has this ergonomic design with GoFit for secure fit. Retail Price Php 2,599

Miami is a mid-size headphone that is not only comfortable but it is also foldable so you can bring your Miami anywhere and everywhere. The headphones are equipped with color-matched cables, a built-in microphone and a 3.5 mm jack. Miami works with Android, iOS & Windows. Retail Price Php 2,299

Copenhagen is a mid-size headphone made in brushed aluminum design. The open back ear-pad construction, custom drivers and streamlined ergonomics bring a distinct sonic punch only comparable to much larger headphones. Use the single button remote to control your music and calls. The built-in mic allows you to take your calls anywhere you go. Copenhagen works with Android, iOS & Windows. Retail Price Php 3,599


Other future Products

Glen Batchelor also discussed their roadmap in the future as having to create a waist belt that can used by athletes to put their keys or money. The waist belt will have Velcro, and pockets. With that, they plan to have Ibiza Rose Gold to match up the coming of the iPhone6s Rose Gold phones. Last but not the least is the reflective cables so that users can be seen in the dark.


With the wide colorful assortment of earphones and  headphones that can identify your distinctive personality. With Urbanist comes the functionality that every Urbanista headphones offers to fit the person lifestyle.


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