uberXL six riders one car

uberXL 6 seaters
uberXL 6 seaters

Are you taking the UBER but 6 people wanted to ride all in one car. UBER Philippines just launched the uberXL in where 6 people can ride in one car. Starting Friday, May 12th 2017, riders in Manila can begin requesting for uberXL, product made for groups of up to 6 people (or anybody who wants the extra space).

You enjoy the same reliable, tap-of-a-button rides you’ve come to love, at a price more affordable than requesting for 2 uberX cars. With uberXL, you now have more room for what matters.

uberXL 6 seaters
uberXL 6 seaters
What else can I expect from uberXL?
  • Bigger cars:  AUVs which can comfortably sit groups of up to 6 riders, including Toyota Innovas, Mitsubishi Adventures, Isuzu Crosswinds, and Suzuki Ertigas, among others.
  • Upfront pricing: Similar to other Uber products, the Uber app will show will show you how much you pay for your uberXL trip before you request a ride. For a fare just up to 50% more than uberX, you’re guaranteed a bigger car with more room and seats.
Who is uberXL for?

uberXL will be available 24/7 for all Uber riders, but will be particularly appreciated by:

  • Big families going out on weekends
  • Barkadas heading out for a night on the town
  • Riders running errands (eg. going to the grocery, moving things around)
  • Travelers and balikbayans heading to/from the airport
Can I still split the fare of one ride?

Yes! Sharing is caring. You can still split fare with any and each of the other passengers in the car with you.

Don’t see the uberXL option yet on your Uber app? Don’t worry! Not all riders will have the option available right away you just need to wait for app to update soon.


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