Toycon 20 Na!: Celebrating 20 Years of Toycon at the SMX Convention Center

PASAY, PHILIPPINES -The biggest, most exciting, most thrilling toy convention in Southeast Asia takes its 20th-year celebration back in its home, where it all started: the SMX Convention Center.

Toycon PH has always been a get-together for children and children-at-heart where everyone gets to be themselves, whether dressed up as their favorite characters or not!

Exclusive shows, exclusive toys, stalls that lure you to make your way out and buy merchandise, meeting people that love the things you love too, and plenty more!

Partnered with Globe, there were so many things to look forward to, from special guests, performances, exhibits, and so much more!

The whole big convention center was filled with cosplayers, gamers, anyone who loved pop-culture – such a big crowd in one place celebrating one thing: the 20th year of Toycon!

Nothing feels better than getting into your skin – who says that being an adult will stop you from loving the things you loved as a kid?

In Toycon, there is always Voltes V Legacy and in their 20th year, we are able to get such performances and live press conferences with the actors and actresses of the Voltes V Legacy from the GMA Network!

With Toycon, you are definitely at home and welcome to be who you are – even dress like them!

With that, you must not miss the next Toycon in the follow year at the same venue but this time, occupying both the first floor and second floor of the SMX Convention Center!

With Toycon, you are definitely going to expect awesome.

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