Tomboy admitted taking video of Fast and Furious 7

Tomboy admitted taking video of movie Fast and Furious 7
Tomboy admitted taking video of movie Fast and Furious 7


Saw this video in my Facebook timeline and caught my attention. A tomboy admitted taking video while watching the movie Fast and Furious 7. It really shows that this tomboy has disregarded the proper behavior in the cinema.

tomboy taking movie video
Credits to Alaine Alejandrino


As respect to others who is also watching the movie it’s advised to turn to silent mode all cellphones. Also to avoid using the cellphone inside the cinema. The glare of the light of the screen of the cellphone will disrupt the sight of other movie viewers around.

I once experienced such people like this in the cinema by the time we called their attention. They are the one who is so defensive.

But this video shows not only improper behavior inside the cinema but also video piracy. This tomboy admitted she took video part of the movie and this practice prohibited by law. Anyone caught taking video of the movie will be fined and be jailed.


People believed that this tomboy who is also boosting she has lots of Facebook followers is Crenzy Trinidad. Been one of the contestant of “Thats my Tomboy sa Showtime”.

If this is really Crenzy Trinidad followers should think twice is this the person they want to follow. This is not a role model to be followed.


Anti-Piracy Law

A person who will be found guilty of violating the provisions of Section 3 shall be subject to a fine of Fifty thousand pesos (Php50,000.00) but not exceeding Seven hundred fifty thousand pesos (Php750,000.00) and imprisonment of six (6) months and one (1) day to six (6) years and one (1) day.


I would appreciate your opinion my readers. Is such behavior that this tomboy is acceptable? Should this person be face the anti-piracy law we have? If ever you encountered a person who taking a video in the movies what will you do?

Video Credits to Alaine Alejandrino