Skylight AutoHub brighter headlights for your vehicle

Skylight AutoHub launch

As a motoring enthusiast we look for not only style but also functionality of a car or any vehicle. One factor we check is the lighting or headlights of the vehicle. Commonly cars are sold with stock headlights that is not that bright for our so dark roads.

This comes SkyLight Autohub in providing quality product of headlights. Skylight Autohub offers eagle eyes headlight that offer brighter illumination and distance. With the LED Technology it offers wider visibility angle and anti blinding technology.

Who is SkyLight Autohub?

SkyLight Autohub it’s an automotive business that will be offering headlight car solutions and services and will be having other car/vehicle accessories.

Why decided to change your headlights?

  • If you have a tinted car/vehicle the stock headlights would not be enough for you to see the road at night-time.
  • Common stock headlights are not capable to deliver wider visibility angle
  • If you love to dress up your car you would want to add elegance and styled headlights that would make your vehicle stand out from the rest.


Official opening of SkyLight Autohub


Skylight AutoHub launch

This coming October 3, 2015 will be the official  opening of SkyLight Autohub. They are inviting everybody who are interested to know more about their products.

Less 30% DISCOUNT on all Headlights when you join Skylight Autohub’s Grand Launch at the Liberty Center, Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City.
Please call 5010029 / 6959380 for more details.

Promo Mechanics:
-Order taking form must be filled up on the event and submit to Usherettes
-Promo valid until October 06, 2015 
-Applicable on Cash payment only