Shopee Super Christmas Sale records a smashing 2.5 million


This year’s event was a huge hit, surpassing last year’s 11.11 performance with 4.5 times the volume of orders recorded, and about 7 million items sold. The event saw a total of more than 13 million live chats, which translates into an average of over 9,000 chats buzzing simultaneously every minute, as shoppers snapped up super-sized deals and discounts from over 120,000 brands and sellers across the region. 92% of the total transactions took place on mobile as shoppers fervently browsed deals on the go.

Across the region, shoppers were not the only happy ones on that day, as sellers also reaped great spikes in their sales, with one seller enjoying more than 6,500 times increase in order volume. Within the first 10 minutes of the sale, total traffic surged by 3 times, with the first successful order transacted at 12.00am. The momentum continued steadily through the day, with the highest number of items sold within a minute hitting an all-time high of over 12,000 at its peak.


Interesting stats from Shopee Philippines:

  • Top 3 categories were Health and Beauty, Mobile and Gadgets and Home and Living
  • The brands most favoured by Health and Beauty fans were Indoplas and Human Nature
  • Romoss and Nextbook were the top 3 Mobile & Gadgets brands, while Imarflex and Lysol emerged as the top brands for Home and Living
  • Almost 9,000 pieces of Ekel Facial Masks were sold on this day
  • Over 3,000 pieces of Ring Stands were wiped out during the sale
  • Cheapest item bought was a Carbon Fiber Phone Case at ₱0.50, while the most expensive item bought was a iPhone 8 Plus 64gb at ₱46,990.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer of Shopee, said, “The start of Shopee Christmas Sale which is the 11.11 sale was created to provide our users great cost savings during the year-end festive season, and we are thrilled with the overwhelming response. We would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this event a huge success. We will have a fresh wave of massive discounts coming up until December 25, so stay tuned for more excitement coming your way.”


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