Savoring Victory, A Thai Select Awardee: Siam Thai BBQ!

PASIG, PHILIPPINES – When we talk about food all around the world, we also talk about a culture’s values. I think that the best way to learn about one’s culture is through their food. We were given the chance to indulge into Thailand cuisine in Siam Thai BBQ and we were just left drooling up to this day.

What makes this experience better is knowing that Siam Thai BBQ is a Thai Select awardee!

What is Thai Select?

According to the official website, “Thai SELECT is a mark of certification awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government to guarantee the authentic Thai taste of Thai food products and Thai restaurants in Thailand and overseas. The award is divided in 2 categories; Thai ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook products and Thai restaurants.

With that being said, Siam Thai BBQ received the Casual Thai Select Award which meant “Restaurants with the Thai SELECT Casual logo are Thai restaurants of good quality, offering Thai foods with Thai taste but have limited services” according to the website.


The main highlight of this experience is the food – how they serve and how they manage to create the authentic Thailand feels in this very place.

The smell, the flavors, the culture, everything was just exquisite. It was definitely not like the others.

Their unique flavors are something that is remembered even after weeks – strong aroma complimented with strong flavors.

And if your taste buds crave for something a little less strong, they also have those dishes.

What really took my attention is their Mookata, where you can cook your own meat, veggies and soup all in one. Good for long conversations with loved ones and/or meetings with the barkada!

Where to Find?

You can find this Thailand cuisine gem in Pioneer Center, Pasig City near Ace Water Spa. There is also a branch in UP Diliman, under Gyud Food.

Get to taste the exclusive flavors of Thailand with Siam Thai!

For more information, visit their website here:


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