Samsung shares tips on how Gen Z can successfully transition from college to the workforce

Nothing prepares a fresh graduate for their first job. While college taught them lessons related to their degree, there are skills useful in the office that are not always learned in school.

For fresh grads, Samsung shares ways to successfully transition from school to the workforce:

Grow a network. The first job may be daunting, especially for those who are separated from their friends. It’s important to befriend colleagues since they can share tips on how to work more efficiently. Having a mentor will also prove beneficial since it will lead to professional growth.

Some fresh graduates may be too intimidated to ask questions but do it anyway, since it leads to more knowledge and gives the impression of wanting to grow. At the end of the day, curiosity leads to a well-rounded employee.

Have a system in place. The first few months at work will be like a trial period. Fresh graduates need to prove that they are fit for the job even if they lack experience. To do this, it’s important to have a system in place to make sure all deadlines are met and that performance is above and beyond.

A to-do list is helpful in managing tasks. What’s great about this is that it can be tailored to the employee’s needs. Others may simply write their tasks down and tick them off, while others follow systems. There’s the Pomodoro Technique, which allows 25 minutes of uninterrupted work followed by five minutes of rest; and the bullet journal method, which arranges schedules, reminders, tasks, and other organizational tasks into a comprehensive structure. Find what works and stick to it.

Be flexible and willing to grow. Fresh graduates will be thrust into a new world and they need to be flexible to succeed. A key rule to follow is the improv concept of “yes, and,” which means agreeing and expanding on that line of thinking. Say yes to a task and go above and beyond. It may be outside the comfort zone but flexibility expands the skill set and promotes growth.

Choose an awesome device. The right device is a powerful tool for fresh graduates to ace their first job. Samsung’s Galaxy A23 and A13 can help them be ready to face challenges in their workplace with its cool features. Both the Galaxy A23 and A13 have a 6.6” TFT V-Cut Display, large enough for everyday work requirements, a Quad Camera with a 50MP Main lens to snap memorable moments in clear detail, and an awesome 128GB of internal storage, expandable up to 1TB, to store up all the important files throughout the day.

The Galaxy A23 and A13 are available at all Authorized Samsung Stores and online at the following prices:
● Galaxy A23 (6+128GB) – PHP 13,990 SRP
● Galaxy A13 (4+128GB) – PHP 10,490 SRP
● Galaxy A13 (6+128GB) – PHP 11,490 SRP

The smartphones come in Awesome Black, Awesome Blue, and Awesome Peach. The Galaxy A23 has an exclusive variant in Awesome White.

After a long day of work, first-time jobbers might relax and pamper themselves. Samsung, in partnership with Face Republic, is offering a free set of five Face Republic face masks with every purchase of a Galaxy A13 from the Samsung Flagship Store on Lazada and the Samsung Official Store on Shopee. The freebie bundle is only available until June 15, 2022.

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