Robinsons Rewards card accepted at Caltex Stations

Robinson Rewards Card accepted at Caltex

Robinsons Rewards Card and Caltex Philippines with Jessy Mendiola Robinson Rewards endorser the tie-up between the two companies. Motorist with Robinsons Rewards Card can now earn points and they just need to present their card during loading up at participating Caltex Station.

If you’re a shopper of Robinsons you can use your points for Caltex gas vice versa. Robinsons Rewards Card in not only for shopping but also for loading up gas or purchasing lubricants at Caltex stations.


Earn 1 point for every 5 liter fuel purchase and save 1 peso for every liter when you redeem.

For complete details on how to earn and redeem points at Caltex stations, please see mechanics below:

Caltex – Robinsons Rewards Loyalty Program Mechanics

  1. All valid Robinsons Rewards Card (with 16 digit numbers and gold magstripe) shall be accepted in participating Caltex service stations for the Caltex-Robinsons Rewards Loyalty Program (“Program”).
  1. Caltex gasoline and diesel purchases via cash, credit card, debit card, StarCash or StarCard can earn and redeem Robinsons Rewards Points.
  1. The Robinsons Rewards Card can be used for a maximum of two (2) fuel purchases per day. The Robinsons Rewards Card cannot be used with any other existing loyalty partnership or program involving Caltex.
  1. For a complete list of participating Caltex service stations, visit
  1. Points earned at participating Caltex service stations may also be redeemed at participating Robinsons Stores nationwide, visit for a complete list of participating stores.
  1. Points earning and redemption shall be as follows:

Points Earning

  1. Cardholders shall earn one (1) Robinsons Rewards Point for every five (5) liters eligible fuel purchase, up to a maximum of 60 liters per purchase.
  1. Cardholders shall earn applicable Points for purchases of up to 500 liters per month.

Robinsons Rewards Card

Points Redemption

  1. A minimum balance of 50 Points is required before a cardholders may begin to redeem points. Cardholders may redeem less than 50 Points per fuel purchase.
  1. Cardholders can redeem one (1) Point for every liter of fuel purchased. Each Point redeemed entitles the cardholders to a Php1.00 discount per liter.
  1. The cardholders can redeem a maximum of 60 Points per fuel purchase.
  1. Any fuel purchased in excess of Points redemption shall be eligible to earn Points.

Example 1:

  • 20.5 liters of fuel purchased with an available balance of 100 Points
  • Cardholder is entitled to a Php20.50 discount by redeeming 20.50 Points
  • New balance after deducting Points redeemed shall be 79.50 Points.

Example 2:

  • 55 liters of fuel purchased with an available balance of 50 Points
  • Cardholder is entitled to a Php50 discount by redeeming 50 Points
  • Fuel purchase of 5 liters (in excess of Points redemption) shall earn 1 Point.
  • New balance after deducting Points redeemed and adding Point earned shall be 1 point