Piolo Pascual at the First Essilor Sight Center

Piolo Pascual Essilor Sight Center

Essilor Brand Ambassador Piolo Pascual was present during the opening for the first Essilor Sight Center. Essilor in partnership with Manila Central University (MCU) – College of Optometry, aims to provide a brighter future to optometry students and help everyone see the world better.



The students of Manila Central Univerisity (MCU) during the event was excited to see the Essilor Brand Ambassador Piolo Pascual with his son Iñigo Lazaro Pascual.


“We are happy to open our very first Essilor Sight Center in the country, with Manila Central University as our initial partner. Through this project, we hope to support optometry students in their field of specialization by giving them the opportunity to study within an ideal clinic setting, using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in optometry,” said Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor general manager.

The partnership with MCU is just one of the many initiatives underscoring Essilor’s continued commitment to promote healthy vision worldwide. Aside from giving students access to advanced equipment and technology, the Essilor Sight Center was established to help students and on-the-job trainees conduct vision screening and diagnose actual cases of vision problems among the members of the community, for free.

“Access to the latest technology is very important in the education of Optometry students. Through the Sight Center, we hope to provide the reinforcement and additional tools to maximize their potential in every aspect of their career so that they can service the community and their patients well,” Dr. Roleda added.


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