Ortigas Truck accident killing people in Honda Car

Ortigas Truck Accident August 14, 2015 4
Photo Credits to Owner

At 1 am we left home to drive home my sister to her house at Manila because she is not feeling well and just came out from hospital emergency. On our way home we gone some obstacle because some of the streets of Manila Espana is still flooded. So we are forced to take alternative route going home and just to get out of Espana area.

We already at Meralco Ortigas eastbound. You can watch from our video coming from our dashcam that we came across talking about the possibility of accident can happen within the area. Why? While driving I notice a sudden acceleration of our car. From Meralco Ortigas Stoplight “pababa kasi sya” at it will gain speed until you reach the lanuza stoplight. With such acceleration braking is quite difficult especialy to truck carrying heavy loads because of the momentum downward.



It is reported Ortigas Truck accident is a 22 wheeler truck carrying 20 ton sugar lost breaks and he even try using his handbreak to force the truck to stop. The truck hit a 6 wheeler truck and a Honda FD – color Silver with plate number ZDT 724 . The Driver and passenger Donavan Capa 31, and Beverly Victoriano 17 died. The passenger and driver of the 6 wheeler truck has injuries and brought to the hospital.

The accident happened around 1:50am at the intersection of Lanuza and Ortigas Ave. It was said that the Honda FD came from Medical city coz the passenger still wearing the hospital tag from said hospital.

The Driver of the 22 wheeler truck Aaron Gutierrez is taken by te Pasig Police facing charges.



I just can’t imagine if we didn’t take alternative route we will be arriving to that location on time of the accident. We might be the one being hit by the 22 wheeler truck. We just talking about the possibility of accident can happen due to the acceleration and wet road of the vehicles on that route. We think it’s creepy… Also we driving a Honda color silver. We were not able to stop and take video or pictures for sure police won’t allow us.



Fellow Honda FD Facebook group is so sad to know a fellow Honda FD owner died because of irresponsible truck drivers. We would like to give respect and condolence to the family of the Honda FD driver and it’s passenger. We will pray for their souls.



Hoping our government will do something about this. Accident is usualy caused by trucks, bus or jeepney loosing their breaks. As a driver myself I am afraid going out because even I drive responsibly there are some drivers out there will get you in trouble and worst accidents taking your life.