No Window Hours along EDSA and C5

No Window Hours

MMDA just announced the NO WINDOW HOURS along EDSA and C5 starting October 31, 2016 until January 31, 2016 to decongest the traffic in Metro Manila. Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (i-ACT) and the Metro Manila Council (MMC) have agreed to come upwith a Resolution under the Number Coding Scheme.

Window hours refer to the five-hour period (10:00am-3:00pm) when motorists covered by the scheme on a specific day can still pass without being apprehended. This Resolution No Window Hour will be on publication on October 10, 2016.

Be informed that the following system concerning the said Scheme shall continue to be enforced:

Monday: 1 & 2
Tuesday: 3 & 4
Wednesday: 5 & 6
Thursday: 7 & 8
Friday: 9 & 0
Weekends & Holidays: None

The only thing that will be changed is the suspension of No Window Hours for private vehicles traversing EDSA and C5 from October 31, 2016 until January 31, 2017.


To our fellow kababayan in Metro Manila this NO WINDOW HOURS means “HINDI NA KAYO pwede dumaan ng EDSA at C5 during coding day nyo.

Kung tatawid lang naman maari naman un, Ang ipagbabawal lamang po ay ang pagbaybay sa mismong kakalsadahan ng EDSA at C5 mula 7am hangang 7pm.

Wala naman magyayari once drivers buy a second car to be his coding / no window hours car. At bakit ba lagi tinitira ng gobyerno ang private vehicles na dapat ang pansinin nila ang mga public vehicles na balagbagan kung huminto at tumabi. Pansinin nyo sa EDSA ilang bus ba dyan marunong itabi ng mabuti ang maliki nilang bus para yung nasa likod makakaraan? Meron dyan bus o public vehicle like taxi bigla na lang tatabi at magsasakay.

We would suggest to implement International grade exam to every driver kasi naman sa LTO pa lang ang dali kumuha ng drivers license basta may pera ka. Yes!!! Totoo ito kasi kami mismo nakausap yung tao naka upo lang habang hinihintay na lang nya drivers license nya na first time nya kumuha at professional drivers license pa.

More than the effective duration of the license. I would prefer strict screening and stricter administering of driving tests to license applicants. Having an extension means you are allowing stupid, uneducated drivers a longer time to wreak havoc on the road.

The government agencies should weed out those who are not qualified to drive, especially public utility vehicle operators. It would be nice if the government could create a comprehensive exam for all drivers who are renewing their licenses and then include additional tests for PUV operators (first aid, rules about overloading etc, proper vehicle maintenance).

We are not convinced that the solution in our traffic is coding scheme or no window hour policy. We need to implement stricter process in acquiring drivers license in this way we can weed out undeserving drivers license holders.

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