Motorcycle rider risking child safety

Here another one “pasaway” on the road. This one is a motorcycle taken February 12, 2015 at 10:47pm along corner IPI Pasig northbound.


I just do not get it parents like this would allow their child to ride the motorbike in between them and without helmet. Why was the MMDA or the police not able to apprehend such “pasaway”? Just because they will not gain money from them or just because they just a minority of the road.
This is great risk and accident waiting to happen. As you can see from the video, they are found of “singit dito singit doon”. They own the road and they can do anything. There are riders who follow and practice road safety. However, such as this one is one bad example that some would think is just ok to do.
I was not able to get the plate of the motorbike upon seeing you can see this one has no plate number at all. There is no way to verify if his motorbike is registered or not.
These motorcycle rider should be oriented and should be required to watch a video of motorcycle accidents. So that they will realize the great risk one wrong move, they make especially around big trucks and trailers.
Motorcycle riders would usually blame four wheeled vehicles when it comes to accidents. However, the question should be asked here that if the motorcycle rider practiced safety? Whose fault it is the four wheeled vehicle or the motorbike? I just hope our road laws should be polished about this one. They always make the bigger vehicle liable when it comes to motorbike accidents even it is their fault.

Calling on MMDA and LTO you should do about this one and strictly implement apprehension of such violator.

*** This is my opinion and what I see about this issue. “Tamaan wag magagalit”