MMDA Traffic enforcer hit with helmet

MMDA Traffic Enforcer Geraldo Santiago apprehended live-in partner Roslyn Garcia and Edwin Girimbao along C5 road corner Green Meadows Quezon City. They are apprehended with the reason Edwin Girimbao are just wearing shorts and slippers riding their motorbike.



It has been a rule that riders need to comply in proper dress code in driving their motorbikes. Wearing shorts and slippers is prohibited concerning safety reason of the rider and its passenger.


Because Roslyn Garcia cannot accept that, they will be given a ticket in not abiding with the dress code. She had an argument with MMDA Traffic Enforcer Santiago and resorted in hitting him with her helmet at hand.

ito syo hinampas at pinukpok ng helmet si mmda traffic constable geraldo santiago ng ayaw magpatiket ng silay sitahin dahil sa dresscode naka tsinelas at short sa may c-5 road cor greenmeadow ave bgy bagumbayan qc nagtamo bukol at kamot si santiago


Roslyn Garcia also hit with a helmet a photographer who is also in the area of the incident.

pati photographer nilusod at pinagpupukpok ng helmet ng dalawang ito ng sinita ng mga mmda dahil sa dresscode

An update that now Roslyn Garcia and Edwin Girimbao are facing a case resulting to physical injury and assault person of authority.

Our Opinion

With the attitude that Roslyn Garcia to the MMDA Traffic enforcer is wrong. She should have submitted a formal complaint at MMDA Office if they have issues with their apprehension. There are lots of motorbike riders out there are getting away of just wearing short, sando, on slippers or no helmet at all. Enforcers usually not able to apprehend motorbike riders due to they are fast in escaping once they are signed to pull on the side of the road.

Atleast this MMDA Traffic Enforcer Santiago is making a difference that nobody should be exempted even motorbikes.

I always pass by c5 road and many motorbike riders are not following the motorbike lane. They disregard such ordinance and disrespect other drivers on the road. They do not even use their signal lights showing intention to change lane.

This is indicated in the fines in MMDA site and they should know this one or they do not deserve to be on the road.


mmda riders fine

It is sad that there are riders out there don’t know about the rules of the road and still they are approved to have driver’s license. I hope that LTO will do something about this one to eliminate riders such as this one.

Photo credits : Arturo Son