Mga Tataramon nin Paglaom Words of Hope Verses Versus the Virus

The passion, romance, fire and fervour of the European verses interspersed with the Bicolano dialect continue this September to October through “Bersong Euro-Pinoy.

The EU Delegation to the Philippines will bring “Bersong EuroPinoy” poetry recital dubbed “Mga Tataramon nin Paglaom, Words of Hope, Verses Versus the Virus” in the Bicol Region on 19 September at 10 a.m. to be streamed live at the EU Delegation to the Philippines.

The poetry recital is in collaboration with the Embassies of Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy through the Philippine-Italian Association, Poland, Spain through Instituto Cervantes and multi-awarded Filipino poets from the Bicol community.

Mr. Thomas Wiersing, Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. of the EU Delegation to the Philippines said that after the success of  the poetry recital  last May 2020, the EU Delegation  has decided to bring the poetry recital to Naga and to Dumaguete . Bersong Europinoy will provide a platform to better understand and appreciate each other’s culture and to strengthen people-to-people links between Europeans and Filipinos.

Now with the “new normal” being in place, this cultural journey is even easier.
A brainchild of Instituto Cervantes, it used to be held under the framework of “Dia del Libro” gathering all diplomats and literary enthusiasts from among the members of the EU Delegation to the Philippines, EU member states’ embassies and cultural institutes.

Literary luminaries from the Bicol Region will participate in the poetry recital through the EU Delegation collaboration with Ateneo de Naga University, Ateneo de Naga University Press and Ateneo Arts and Culture.

Well-known and familiar poets including Father Wilmer Tria (Press Director of Ateneo de Naga University), Kristian Cordero, Rosaulio Imperial Sr, Jess Volante, Delia Enverga-Volante, Frank Peñones, Roda Daignre, and Tito Genova Valiente, will join in this edition.

Literary Masterpieces

The former Hungarian Ambassador Jozsef Bencze and the Polish Embassy’s Chargé d’affaires Jarosław Szczepankiewicz will read literary masterpieces “Még nem elég” (Not Yet Enough) by Vaci Mihaly and ”The Remembrance”by Julian Tuwim, respectively. Both diplomats are book authors themselves. Eight-year-old Dora Sediva, daughter of Czech Ambassador Jana Sediva, shall read  “ZNÁM KŘIŠŤÁLOVOU STUDÁNKU” (The Crystal Spring) by Josef Václav Sládek. Mr Rafael de Bustamante, Political Counsellor of the EU Delegation,  a spanish national, shall read some stanzas from  Dr Jose Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios”.

Mr Alessandro Milani, General Manager of the Philippine Italian Association  shall render of “Canta La Gioia” (Sing the Joy!).

Amiel Diaz, Political and Cultural Affairs Officer of the Czech Embassy shall read “Awit ng Pag-ibig” translated by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario from the poem “Zhudebněná milostná báseň” – A Love Poem Set to Music by Jan Kresaldo.

Mr Javier Galvan, Director of Instituto Cervantes de Manila, shall read “Remedia Amoris 1” written by Julio Martinez Mesanza, from his book “Europa.” Emma Briffaut, Education Attaché, French Embassy shall read the famous poem “Liberté” by Paul Eluard with English translation by Martin Macalintal, Audio-Visual Attache of the French Embassy.

Special Feature

What makes this poetry edition more exciting is that it will introduce a novelty.

Thanks to the Philippine Italian Association for its new partnership with the Italian poetry festival “La punta della lingua.”

This new edition of Bersong EuroPinoy will screen an animated version of L’infinito (The Infinite – 1819) by Giacomo Leopardi.

The talented Simone Massi, one of the top animation cinema directors and illustrators in the world, added the poetic dimension of his drawing to the masterpiece of the great poet, Giacomo Leopardi himself. The narrator’s voice is that of the actor Neri Marcorè while the music was composed by Stefano Sasso. The result is a one and a half minutes of immersive poetry.

This dreamlike work, commissioned by the Municipality of Recanati (the hometown of Giacomo Leopardi), is a co-production with Nie Wiem: a publisher, film producer, organizer of the short film festival “Corto Dorico”, and the poetry festival, “La punta della lingua”, which is part of the project
“Marche della Poesia” and to which the #PhilippineItalianAssociation has  collaborated with to be able to present this work.

After Bicol, the Bersong Euro-Pinoy goes to Dumaguete through the Silliman University on 19 October.

The poetry recital will be streamed live at the EU Delegation Facebook page:


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