Mary Jane Veloso Mother ungrateful to Philippine Gov’t

Now that Mary Jane Veloso is reprieve from the firing squad after officials in Manila asked Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo to allow her to give evidence to an investigation into the network that allegedly recruited her.

But upon return of Mary Jane Veloso family in the Philippines Mother Celia Veloso is disappointed with the Philippine Goverment not helping her daughter and they are so slow about it.

She said that it’s not because of the Philippine Government Mary Jane execution is postponed but because of activist groups, church and media should claim the credits.


“Ngayong dumating na kami sa Pilipinas para maningil. Marami kaming singilin. Marami kaming pautang e kaya lang hindi pera. Pautang sa gobyerno natin dahil hanggang sa huli, niloko pa rin kami na sinabi niya, na ibinabalita sa buong mundo na sa kanya nanggaling ang pagkabuhay ng anak ko kaya nakaligtas sa bitay. Di po totoo yun. Wala pong katotoohan yun. Kaya humanda kayo. Nandito kami para lumaban sa inyo,” she said.


How come that the Philippine Goverment owe Mary Jane Veloso? I believe that Mary Jane Veloso was an illegal. Only legal OFW are supported by the government because they gone thru the proper process of becoming one. Another Mary Jane Veloso should know more to resist accepting packages or “padala” she don’t know what is the content or she should had check it. As what they say “ignorance of the law excuses no one”. Last but not the least she was apprehended in a different country and upon entry to that country you should respect and follow their law.

As for the Philippine Government why they are helping such people who broken the law. How these people will learn and so the others won’t be following their footsteps. This is one reason “malalakas ang loob ng mga yan” because they know they can seek help to our government. I remember one case that this OFW killed someome and the government helped this person. They exerted money and efforts just to save a someone that killed somebody and in the end they are still ungrateful and wanting for more support and money.

I hate other people are “abusado” you already help them as much as you can but still they are ungrateful and wanting for more. This kind of people don’t deserve to be helped in the first place. The Philippine government should focus to more important matters. Lawbreakers don’t deserve help and they deserve to be punished if needed.

** This is my personal opinion and I don’t expect for the readers to agree with me. But this case is getting out of hand and they are ungrateful.



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