M Lhuillier partnership with Starmobile and Smart

M Lhuillier announces its partnership with Starmobile and Smart with the launching of the ML Phone, a customized Starmobile PLAY Five smartphone powered by a Smart SIM with data allocation packaged for one year.  This partnership brings together the integration of mobile and digital technology to the financial services industry.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Starmobile and Smart as it extends our relationship with our customers, and expands our network to create new ones. Our efforts to push for strategic alliances help us to deliver excellence, innovation and quality service to the customers we serve,” said Lorenzo Escaño, general manager for M Lhuillier Luzon & NCR.

The ML Phone possesses advanced specifications and access to Smart’s widest internet service, thereby allowing M Lhuillier customers to enjoy and enhance their experience with its new digital solution, the ML Wallet.

A proprietary technology, the ML Wallet is an embedded app on the ML Phone.  But for the millions of M Lhuillier customers with Android or iPhone devices, they can download it through Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively.

With this breakthrough product, users can conveniently send money, pay bills and electronically load mobile phones anytime and anywhere.  Just some of the earlier features available on the ML Wallet app and with more robust features to follow.

According to Joey Uy, chief executive officer for Starmobile, “We promise to support M Lhuillier all the way, from providing them the units and updating their application.”

ML Phone is something to experience. With a free Smart SIM Pack and data allocation of up to 100 mbps per month, it is definite to deliver the best network service.

“Together, our teams commit to a stronger collaboration to deliver a common goal. I am happy that this project will be very fruitful. We look forward to seeing the launch of M Lhuillier Phone in the market,” said Alex Caeg, senior vice president and head for wireless and distribution of Smart.

ML Phone will be available in select M Lhuillier Branches nationwide starting July 11, 2017


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