LTO Philippines practical exam? Your the one to be blamed

LTO Philippines is this the way you conduct practical exam? Holly Cow!!! You should be blamed with the drivers out there who doesn’t gave a damn idea about driving the right way. I know that wearing slippers is not permitted in getting any license. But here almost everybody wearing slippers. The thing here these people who got their license might be applying for professional license. Oh MY God!!! Because what you’re doing a person can die because of that stupid applicant you just passed.

Sorry LTO Philippines but this should stop or else someone can get hurt. Oh I forgot all of your branches has its own style in practical exams and procedures. Why? Because people are all talking about it loud and clear all of your system.

Kapag walang padulas mabubulok ka hanggang hapon o kinabukasan ka pa. Walang kilala naku bumalik ka ng bumalik sa kailanggan mo. Madalas na salita sa ahensya nyo “Sir may magaayos na ba sa inyo? Pwede ako magayos para sa inyo.” Wow! Oh! Wow!




Wow!!! …this video really caught my attention and my surprise!

Is this how our Land Transportation Office (LTO) administer an “ACTUAL” driving examination to an applicant for driver’s license???

“…just take a load on the driver’s seat of the vehicle for a few seconds then show the examiner how to place the safety belt on, then you’re done and good to go!”

Jesus Christ this is Pathetic! I mean Seriously??? …this is the most Stupidest, Preposterous, Retarded thing this government agency has ever done… Even a 5-year old kid can do the thing! …no wonder why we have Dumb and Irresponsible drivers on-the-loose in our country!

I was just wondering how the people involved on this agency “calculate” the situation, are they for the SAFETY of the public? or they just don’t care ‘coz the SAFETY of their pockets was all that matters?…

Am not saying’ that this government agency was exercising “venal” practices ‘coz I have no argument to lay those kind of accusations, but this video might lead to that circumstantially… We are pleading to the heads of this agency to please “do your thing”, cut-loose the rats in your ranks ‘coz it’s pulling down the image of the bureau turning it from “bad to worse”… Show some sympathy on the SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC!

My apologies but this post was without prejudice to the agency concerned… Please enlighten us on this matter…

…compliments to the rightful owner of the video #opencoke!

credits to the post and video owner. I just hope there is still some LTO branches going a good job and doing the proper way. But with this rotten apples the good apples are being affected.

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