Livestream for FREE: ASTRO’s CHA EUN-WOO, Red Velvet, SHINee’s KEY, and many more to appear at KCON JAPAN 2024

KCON, K-POP Fan & Artist Festival, is coming to Japan as ‘KCON JAPAN 2024’ and Pinoy KPOP fans can watch the show for free from their homes. The main show on the M COUNTDOWN STAGE will happen on May 11 and 12. 

For the May 11 M COUNTDOWN STAGE hosted by ASTRO’s CHA EUN-WOO, the performers to kick-off are BOYNEXTDOOR, B.D.U., EPEX, INI, Kep1er, SHINee’s KEY, NiziU, P1Harmony, Red Velvet, THE NEW SIX, The Wind, TWS, ZEROBASEONE. 

For the May 12 M COUNTDOWN STAGE hosted by JUNG YONG HWA, the slated performers to close the show are 8TURN, Hi-Fi Un!corn, ILLIT, IS:SUE, JO1, ME:I, NCT WISH, TAEYEON from Girls Generation, TEMPEST, xikers, YENA, and &TEAM. 

The back-to-back shows of KCON JAPAN 2024 at the M COUNTDOWN STAGE can be live streamed for FREE exclusively via BlastTV in the Philippines on May 11 & 12, 2024 from 4:30PM (Philippine Time). No sign ups needed! Just download the app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.