GrabCar available in NAIA

It’s such disappointed to bargain with taxi drivers when you coming from the airport. They would always ask for additional fee especially when they notice your a balikbayan.

What does this mean?
It means that Grab is the first TNC to be officially accredited by MIAA! Start of operations will begin on March 14.  That’s right, another option for Grab travelers to book GrabCars to travel to and from the airport.

How does it work?
Grab booths will be placed at designated areas at the terminals where booking agents will assist passengers. Anyone will be able to book a ride even if they may not have a smartphone or mobile data connectivity. Multiple bookings can be made at the Grab booths at any one time to cater to more travelers. Those who wish to book a ride with Grab may also do so using their smartphones.

Pick-up Locations
Terminal 1: Main Arrival Curbside
Terminal 2: Inner Arrival Curbside between Bays 7 and 8
Terminal 3: Secondary Arrival Curbside between Bays 5 and 6
Terminal 4: Curbside

We are making transport freedom a reality! Grab Away!

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