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Ever this happen you that there are days your into cooking or your just too busy you forgot you need to cook. I would always resort to instant noodles or can goods to cook when this happen. I make it sure I have lots of stock of noodle ans can goods. But there would be a times I craving for really good cooked foods. Sad to say in my area there is no what we call “karinderia” to buy cooked “ulam”.

As alternative I bought siomai and siopao to one store that we passed by once and willing to give it a try. Easy to heat up especially when my boys will get hungry in the middle of the night. With dismay both siomai and siopao didn’t reach my expectation in taste.

I was searching online and in my Facebook account I got to came by the site of in Facebook. I was able to get try some of their products like the porkchop in the box, special pork siomai and the sharksfin dumpling.

I steamed and served the Foodee Special Pork siomai, Foodee sharkfin dumplin and Foodee porkchop in a plate. I didn’t mention with my boys I was not the one who cooked it. I wanted to hear what can they say about it and their reaction.


Eldest Son: This porkchop is different from the one you always cook. What the recipe?

2nd Son: Ma can you cook porkchop like this one coz I like the taste.

I served the siomai and sharkfin beacuse one box of porkchop is not enough for them. We all know boys are so happy eaters and would eat everything tasty.

Eldest son: Ma is this the siomai and sharkfin that we bought earlier?

Me: Why is there a difference?

Eldest son: Yeah! the wrapper is much better and the filling is much “siksik” and even without chili sauce it has texture and taste.


My boys love it and I love it also. I showed them the menu where did I got it and they telling me to order  in the menu and they would like try it.

I never yet got to try the other Foodee box party and the other Foodee frozen. But when I got to try it will surely update this post of mine.

What is Foodee?

Foodee offers cooked food and frozen food for delivery. They also accept catering.  The Foodee Box party should be ordered 2 days in advance because make it sure the ingredients they use is fresh.


For the Foodee Frozen they can deliver for free for the minimum of Php 800. If below Php 800 they will have a delivery charge.

 Spice Lab

They also make spice dips especially the garlic chili for your siomai.






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  1. I am also one happy eater! I always love chinese dimsum! I think all of your food are delicious! 🙂

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