Experts say RSV may increase risks for senior citizens

Awareness and Proactive Health Measures to Protect Seniors from RSV

Dr. Solante emphasizes the importance of education in mitigating the health risks of RSV and highlights the need for both seniors and their caregivers to be well- informed.

“RSV is difficult to detect and prone to misinformation so I advise seniors to discuss RSV with their doctors who can guide them on the necessary precautions to reduce their health risk,” he advises.

Dr. Fernandez suggests immediate action if flu-like symptoms appear within the household. “I recommend that families implement safety and hygiene protocols promptly to protect their seniors, such as isolating symptomatic individuals, wearing face masks, and engaging in frequent handwashing,” 19 she adds.

Dr. Dumlao reinforces the timeless advice that prevention is better than cure. “Seniors must be proactive about their health,” she states. “Through regular medical consultations, seniors can ensure they receive the right interventions to mitigate RSV risks, while also adopting healthy habits like maintaining a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, and engaging in regular exercise to boost their immune system.”