EcoFlow Partners with Altitude Digital to Unveil Two Cutting-Edge Products

You might’ve heard of EcoFlow a couple times in the past, maybe it’s for their incredible River or Delta power station that integrates a high capacity battery with multiple ways of outputting that power, through USB to keep your mobile devices running for a insane duration, or via a mains outlet to power basically anything, even a Microwave! But this July with the help of Altitude Digital they are bringing in two of their most innovative products that can not only be used for leisure, but also for Emergencies considering the weather we get in The Philippines!

EcoFlow Wave 2 | Portable Air-Conditioner

First one I’d like to talk about is the EcoFlow Wave 2, it’s a Portable Air Conditioner which might not seem all that exciting consider we’ve had them for a while now, but what makes this different is that it can be powered from the wall mains socket, solar panels, 12V/24V Vehicle Outlet, or it’s very own battery outlet, which means this portable air-conditioner can be used practically anywhere! And yes this very much can be used in a emergency situation especially during our long and hot Philippines summers.

The EcoFlow Wave 2 can provide you with 1500W/5100BTU of Cooling potential, or 1800W/6100BTU of heating that will last around 8 hours with the 1159Wh add-on battery pack in Eco Mode or extended with the use of Solar panels, or EcoFlow’s Delta line of Portable Power Stations.

The EcoFlow Wave 2 can also be used in a stationary, or moving vehicle be it a car, boat, or well… even a plane really as long as you have 12V or 24V power outlet that can handle atleast 8A of draw, and that amperage is very important as you run the risk of popping the fuse or worse burning up the wiring for that vehicle if you use a inadequate power outlet, so always double check before plugging it in. But all this means is this would be perfect for any individual looking to do a roadtrip to far flug destinations in The Philippines.

EcoFlow Glaicer | Portable Fridge

Then we have the EcoFlow Glacier, which arguably is more versatile than the Wave 2, but don’t get me wrong both are still VERY useful devices for leisure, work, and emergencies! The EcoFlow Glacier is a Portable Refrigerator, with a 38L capacity and Ice Maker! That 38L capacity is not limited to one compartment, you could split it into two separate compartments and control the temperature of both sides independently.

Also special about the EcoFlow Glacier it’s one of the few portable fridges out there that has a built-in Ice Maker and it’s completely separate from the cooling compartment which means you can use it at any time to make solid Ice for drinks, or ice bags for injuries you might get while hiking down at the trail.

Same as the EcoFlow Wave 2, the Glacier is able to be powered from the wall outlet, solar panels, 12V/24V vehilce power outlet, and it’s built-in 298Wh battery, which by the way can run the Glacier for a whopping 40 Hours! Now that’s going to be enough for any roadtrips I’d normally do.

Availability with Altitude Digital

Now these two smart devices along with other EcoFlow products can be purchased legitmately with Warranty from their Authorized Philippine Distributor, Altitude Digital. They can also be bought online from their Offical LazMall store, or the Altitude Digital Web store!

  • The EcoFlow Wave 2 currently goes for 42,689 PHP
  • The EcoFlow Galcier Combo goes for 54,490

Now the prices WILL vary, and you can get it bundled along with the add-on batteries to be able to run these devices completely off-grid.